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Well, hi! I'm RCF; this is my wiki account (thought that was obvious...)

Anyway, you want to know a bit about me? Well gosh, I guess I have to tell the story now.

About Me

I'm a graphic designer and programmer. I make mostly games on Scratch; I'm not really an animator. Maybe some day...

Other than Scratch, I'm an amateur at HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, I really want to improve. I did make a website out of HTML and CSS for a school project a few months ago...

I was first introduced to Scratch a few years ago, but quickly forgot about it afterwards. Who knows, maybe I have a secret account just lurking around here somewhere...

Then, back in January, 2015, my teacher said we'd be learning to code, and I was frustrated about that, because I was getting started with JavaScript stuff then, and would have to start at the beginnings again. But instead, she showed us Scratch, and a day or so later, I got my account.

What I do on the wiki

I'm like a bottom feeder on the wiki, I just make small edits I see. I'm like the grammar police, so I fix many grammar errors. I also add where I see fit, and make these random edits elsewhere.

I never have any ideas for new pages or anything, or even major updates to current pages. That's just not me.

If you don't have a wiki account and see a problem, contact me on my profile (link in above header) or contact someone else (probably better)

I'm still learning a lot of stuff around here, since I joined the wiki in mid-July, 2015. Please, help me learn around here! That'll be amazing.

What I do on Scratch

I'm way more active on Scratch than I am on the wiki. I make simple projects that focus on simplistic game play and great graphics. These games don't come out too often, mainly because I never have ideas for them.

I'm also very active on the forums, and have over 3500 posts. I help out, answer questions, and give feedback on suggestions. I've learned a lot about Scratch from this, so hopefully I can use this to help on the wiki!

I help out in studios too, especially the SDS. I really want to become an SDS Curator, because I know Scratch, and I would really help the SDS keep on time, and would add projects on a regular basis. I mean, there are many, many new comments, and SDS Helpers are responding to them, but hardly any are added for a few days, if at all.


Well, I think that's about it. Thanks to everyone who has helped me get this far, I really, really appreciate it!