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Ace Puppy.png Hello! This page is a work-in-progress, so if it looks really outdated or really bad, that's either because I had to go right in the middle of making or redoing it, or I just haven't got round to fixing it yet. Thank you for your co-operation! :D ~ Redglitter
Redglitter Profile Picture.gif Hey there! This page is maintained by me, Redglitter - so please don't edit it unless you have my permission. This is because it is one of my user pages. Although it's technically public, I'd appreciate it if you could avoid editing it unless it is a talk page and you'd like to leave a message - which is fine, but please don't mess up the formatting whilst doing so! (Don't worry, I know you wouldn't.) Thanks! - @redglitter
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Hi! Welcome to my Wiki Tips sandbox! Every Wednesday I will challenge myself to write a fun how-to article right here to test my wiki skills! The article will depend on what I've learnt that week.

Week 1 - Creating Templates

This week, (25th June to 2nd July) I have learnt how to make templates! Let's get right into it:

This article is a work in progress