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Hello! Welcome to the official wiki page for School for Paws!

School for Paws is a new Scratch animation posting its first episode in March. The series will be based around Poppy, one of the many dogs living on the fictional island of Canisle (Canine = Dog. Canine + Island = Canisle.) On Canisle, dogs first go to university and then school. Poppy has just completed university and is now moving on to school, and School for Paws will document her adventures there. - Taken from the Forum Thread on the Scratch Discussion Forums


There are ten main characters in School for Paws series/season 1. Here are biographies of each of them.


The main character of the series, Poppy is outgoing, fun and friendly, with several good friends at Canisle School for Dogs. She and her brother Fudge get on well with one another and her best friend is Caramel. She enjoys spending time with friends and likes to read, making her favourite subject at the school English - which she is very good at. Poppy work well in a team, and is usually willing to take everybody's ideas on board. She has two siblings - her brother, Fudge, and her sister, Cream.

Favourite Colours: Blue and Red
Favourite Hobby: Reading
Favourite Subject: English
Best Friend: Caramel
Siblings: Cream, Fudge
Voice Actress: @redglitter


Although she may appear quiet on the outside, Poppy's BFF Caramel is a confident dog who is a bit of a real nerd! She loves solving difficult mathematical equations and enjoys coming up with theories related to Maths and Physics. However, unlike her brother, Calico, she is not at all sporty. Caramel particularly enjoys algebra in maths and physics in science and often combines the two together. She is very independent, unlike Poppy, but can work in a team.

Favourite Colours: Green and Red
Favourite Hobby: Solving Maths Problems
Favourite Subject: Maths
Best Friend: Poppy
Siblings: Calico
Voice Actress: @redglitter