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About Me

  • I love Scratch
  • I am from the United Kingdom
  • Call me RPP
  • I love to chat and when I have nothing left to say I just shout random numbers (usually 302).
  • I unintentionally learned a lot of HTML5 coding through BBCode on the discussion forums.

Note Note: If I have told you anything else then please let me know.

Achievements and Figures



Note Note: This information was last updated 27/04/2018.


  • Accepted 1st try on 25/4/2018


  • Voice Actor for Sun Rising Ep. 2.

Special Notes

  • Thanking hellounicorns2 for their help with wikilanguage (namely indents and talk pages), for supplying me with the code for my signature and for being a big help to me in general. hellounicorns2 is one of the most trustworthy and kind scratchers I have met in all my time.