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Not sure who to vote for? You can find information about all of the SPA President candidate's policies on this page!

Policy Table

This will be updated as candidates change their speeches.
WHITE - This user does not have a policy on the given issue.
GREEN - This user has a very detailed policy on the given issue
YELLOW - This user has a basic/vague policy on the given issue.

Candidate Equality of members Equality of shops Growing/Changing the SPA New laws Allowing members to propose laws
Jokebookservice1 ❗No Policy ❗No Policy ❗No Policy "I've written a proposal for a new Section 11. It tackles a narrow gap in the legislation, voting to be precise–but it doesn't resolve the underlying issue. The entire body of legislation must be re-written to more clearly reflect the thoughts of members of this association." ❗No Policy
FollowCherryBlossum ❗No Policy ❗No Policy ❗No Policy ❗No Policy ❗No Policy
78ch3 "Scratcher or new scratcher, 1000 posts or 1, 10000 followers or none, we are all one amazing community. We can do anything." ❗No Policy ❗No Policy ❗No Policy ❗No Policy
GrahamSH ❗No Policy ❗No Policy ❗No Policy ❗No Policy ❗No Policy
XxOwl31xX ❗No Policy "When I am President, I will take any and all action that is LAWFULLY POSSIBLE to bring back the artisans that have small Shops and let them grow." "First of all, I am proposing a new program, The Member Replacement Program. If a SPA member shop is closed down, members of that SPA shop can be put into another SPA member shop or join a NSNP shop." ❗No Policy ❗No Policy
RPP-Exploration ❗No Policy ❗No Policy "The partnerships page is huge and usually skipped over by shoppers. As has been discussed previously, we need a better system for this" and goes on to recommend solutions</span> ❗No Policy ❗No Policy
VIMAYE01 "i will Treat Everyone fairly" ❗No Policy ❗No Policy "If your asking how i am going to do that, then my answer is i will improve the laws in the SPA" ❗No Policy
Holly_The_Cat ❗No Policy ❗No Policy ❗No Policy ❗No Policy ❗No Policy
XCat ❗No Policy ❗No Policy ❗No Policy ❗No Policy ❗No Policy
ncro2005 ❗No Policy Lastly, I will treat everyone fairly, no matter how big or small your shop is "I'll increase the SPA size in members greatly and strengthen us as a whole by inviting people and increase our presence in the requests forum" ❗No Policy I will listen to peoples ideas and propose them if they are good.