Hi there! I am purplewolves, but you can call me purple! I am devoted to helping the scratch community the best I can, and I love to help Scratchers all around the community! On the wiki, I normally get involded in dicussions on the community portal, welcome new wikians, and, try to fix first-person in wiki articles; all to the best of my ability, I want to make sure New Scratchers and Scratchers alike can have a safe and friendly place they can go to learn about Scratch!

On Scratch...

  • Forum Helper (I have 400+ Posts)
  • Past FPC #277
  • Scratch Welcoming Committee Curator
  • SDS Helper
  • 650+ Followers

On scratch, I try to help the community as much as I can, in anyway I can.

On the Scratch Wiki...

  • 50+ Mainspace edits
  • 300+ Edits
  • One year on the wiki.

Some things I hope to achieve on the wiki.

  1. 300 edits Yes Done
  2. 50 mainspace edits Yes Done
  3. Participating in the next EW election No Not done