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Hello, everybody! I'm ProgrammingFreak, but you can call me Jordan if you want. I'm fourteen years old and currently a freshman in high school - homeschool highschool, that is. ;) I have many passions and most of them have to do with the computer. I love to program websites and sometimes applications; I love to make 'humorous' videos under the persona of 'Pickle Davidson' (you can view them here); I love to browse the forums and I'm willing to join new ones if I feel like it. Those are just a few out of the many I have. Just ask me if your more interested (as if).

I also have an interest in writing. And that is the main reason I wanted to join this wiki. I felt like I could perhaps contribute to this wiki to make them better. And that is what I did for a while, but then I became inactive. Today, 9/20/12, I'm going to try to become more active and helpful to this wiki. I promise. :P

Some artists I like to listen to are Adam Young, of Montreal, Tenth Avenue North, Relient K, Death Cab for Cutie, Postal Service, and HeyHiHello. So if you put all those genres together, I end up liking an indie punk rock electronica-ish style.

If you know me well at all, you probably have heard once or twice how much I want to be TBG Moderator. I would also like be Community Moderator as well, but the TBGs first love. But from the recent announcement, it seems as if my dream will not be coming true. I almost feel like crying, but I know that it's probably for the best. I can always be helpful as a Scratcher. :)

If you ever have a question about the wiki, you can always ask me on on my talk page. I'll be happy to answer. :D

For any other type of contact, you can: comment on one of my projects, tumblr, or anything else you can think of. xD

Thanks for reading! Scratch on!

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