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Back in 2003, Scratch Cat and Gobo originally lived on Codeacademy island in a little apartment near a school. They hated the life in the apartment. The space was too small and there was no yard to run around in. They wished they had a bigger house with tons of space and a large yard. However, they couldn't afford that. But the life was paused....

Scratch Cat won a a trip to Java Empire, where Java was powered, with a friend. He was very excited as Java Empire was known as the "Most Wonderful Experience". Even when Scratch Cat needed to care about his air trip stuff, he couldn't get his mind off the experience.

I'll swim under the waterfalls and swing in the rainforest! he thought.

Fast-forwarding to night, Scratch Cat was in the airplane dreaming about the life at Java Empire. Suddenly, a pleasant voice interrupted him.

"May I get you a cup of soda?"

Scratch Cat's dream wisps (BFG reference) rocketed away as he stared at the flight attendant. It was Tera, Scratch Cat's future wife. Her fur was shining like diamond and her eyes gleamed like a Blue Morpho. Scratch Cat was giving into confessing his love.

He replied, "No, I drank too much Pepsi during the day. I need to retain my teeth."

"Okay," answered Tera.

As she wandered away, Scratch Cat sighed and stared at the heavenly stars. He was on the most wonderful trip in the whole Milky Way.

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