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Here are some add-ons to the Edible Scratch language.



Forums (Table Talk)

Forum names and descriptions

Welcome to Edible Scratch

  • Crates of food New crates of food from the Chef Team.
  • Chefs in training A forum to welcome chefs beginning their training. Chefs shall serve yhem food.

Cooking food

  • Help with Ingredients Need help with your meal? Ask here!
  • Meal Show and Tell Tell other chefs about your meals and cookbooks.
  • Meal Ideas A place to give and get help of thinking meal ideas.
  • Meal Collaborations Join together to work on meals!
  • Supply Request Looking for some supplies? Want to offer your cooking skills to others?

About Edible Scratch

  • Questions about Edible Scratch Post general questions about Edible Scratch here.
  • Suggestions Discuss ideas for greasing Edible Scratch.
  • Spoils and Rots Found a spoil in Edible Scratch? Describe it here!
  • Advanced Delicious Topics Discuss cooking pros, advanced techniques, or Edible Scratch variations here.
  • Connecting to the Non-Edible World Topics relating to non-edibleness connecting to Edible Scratch
  • Edible Scratch Pro Chefs A place for chefs of Edible Scratch Pro Chefs to coordinate and discuss topics related to their groups.
  • Edible Scratch Potluck (year) Discuss Edible Scratch Potluck.