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This is the page for additional info for my Role-Playing Game called Element Penguins: The Elemental Generation. You can visit the studio here.


  • Lava Otters: They're supernatural giant otters which can control lava and fire. They're the main enemies.
  • Black Holes: These are caused by misuse of Time power and can be really threatening to not only Earth but the whole universe. They are really difficult to fix.
  • Time Vortex: They are caused also by misuse of Time power and supernatural occurrence. They can charge up Lava Otters and are the most dangerous of all hazards.

Power Boosters

  • Element Emerald: This can increase the power and can be found in areas where Lava Otters are common. It can be only used once.
  • Power Combination: This means that you can combine multiple attacks and form it into one MIGHTY attack. You can only preform 3 combinations per day. If you run out of ideas, view http://scratch.mit.edu/studios/655768/projects/
  • Dark Power: This is the RAREST booster and can be only found in small areas as a smoky gem. Dark Power can make your attack a match as a Lava Otter's. It will wear off after the attack has been preformed. Breaking the gem will let the power escape and make the gem unusable so be careful! Also, escaped Dark Power will turn against the Element Penguins and will make them evil after the DP hits them. Luckily, Dark Stars will reverse the curse.
  • Sonic Prickles: These are found on warmer areas such as the Beach and Cove. They are sharp but if used carefully and rubbed against palm of hand, the power will go supersonic (faster than sound) on an attack making it easier to hit targets. However, this will wear off after 5 attacks have been preformed.


Note Note: Medication for illnesses are NOT counted as healers, Dr. David can ONLY suggest new healers
  • Megavitiams: They can restore health and hunger. They can be only found in Dr. David's household.
  • O Berries: Only purple and blue O berries are safe for penguins (unless you known Dandan's trick). They can restore energy and sometimes retrieve back hunger. They are found in the Wilderness where feral puffles snack on them.
  • Dark Stars: They can reverse the curse of escaped Dark Power and are rare too. They can be only found where Dark Power gems are.
  • Lava Otter Hearts: They are SUPER RARE and can be only found in Lava Otter corpses. If you eat the whole heart, it'll restore all of the health, energy, thirst, and hunger.


  • Is this a Club Penguin RPG?: Yes, I created this based off Club Penguin. However there's some Nintendo Content (fault of a role player).
  • Can you die?: No because death is really tragic! If you run out of health, energy, thirst, or hunger, you fall asleep until you are treated with a healer. (This only applies to characters being roleplayed.)
  • How do you kill a Lava Otter?: Chances of killing a lava otter are VERY unlikely and requires multiple penguins and great supply of boosters to increase the chance. (Fun Fact: Lava Otters can live up to 1,000 years, longer than Wing Wolves' lifespan!)
  • Where is the Lava Otters' Cave?: Their cave is located in the Northern mountains which are unnamed.
  • Can you change your sheet?: If your sheet is not in the studio, you can change it freely. If it is in the studio, you can only make 5 changes per day and must notify the owner.
  • If you're kicked out of the studio, can you come back?: Sorry but the kick is permanent.