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When you're new on the Scratch Website, you feel shy about the community and don't know the concepts of Scratch. Scratch is the world with cool things waiting for you. The feeling doesn't last long, it should be gone by the end of this essay. Let's pamper you up.

Creating your first project

Main article: Getting Started with Scratch

When you get on Scratch, your instinct is to create a project! Since you're new, you should create your first project. Click "Create" in the Navigation Bar and you'll be in the Scratch editor. Start experimenting and then challenge yourself to create stories or games.

Need help?

Getting used to the website

Main article: Scratch Website

After you shared your first project, you can now check out the cool elements of the site. We provide you the links for exploring the site:

There's more to explore, keep clicking!

Meet up more friends at the Welcoming Committee.

Now what?

Since you finished your first project and explored the whole site, what can you do?

There are endless possibilities. Here are a few:

  • Create another project
  • Ask for help on the forums
  • Follow some scratchers
  • View endless projects

We hope you had a good time!