Hello! I'm Pig9992005, a random Scratch Wiki editor and very active user.

About Me

I am a girl who likes singing, colourful things, writing, Scratch and food. That's about it really.

What I Do on the Wiki

Mainly adding bits of information to articles, fixing any typos or grammatical errors, sometimes reverting pictures, reading the Wiki, updating things and looking at those external links. Pretty much everything, I'm still pretty new though.

What I Do on the Main Website

Again, pretty much everything. Making and viewing projects (when I actually have Flash), commenting, stuff on the forums, welcoming new Scratchers and admiring the front page.

Other Stuff

Anyone else excited for Scratch 3.0? I am, I wonder how much has been done? I hope everything gets copied though, including the Wiki. I also like to read the old forums. I don't know why.


Scratch profile: [[1]] Talk page: [[2]] Just click the numbers.