Hello. This is my wiki account. I am a new wiki editor so please don't expect a lot here. This is NOT complete so keep checking back

My Bio

Hello. I'm Piecone! Im an artist, coder, INFJ, rainbow and animal lover and a female. I am the 10,260,898th user. I joined in May 25th 2015 at 2:28 pm. I got front paged 12 times. This is my only account.

Things I'll do on the wiki

On the wiki: • Fix typos, grammar and punctuation • Fix the reference section • Delete inappropriate content and/or pages when it necessary • Expanding Pages


Well, on May 21 2015 I was searching for games on Google. Then I found something interesting. I clicked on the link that was near the top. And it turns out it was a link from scratch. I played that game. Back then I had no idea there was a community out there. Three days later, I registered for an account. I chose my username based on two things in a project: pie and cone.

And a few months ago, I tired to become a contributer but they rejected all my requests. So I decided not to do it for a few months. Then on October 2, 2016 I sended in another request and this time they approved it.

What I am working on

Here are some things I'm working on: • Helping out in the discussion forums and in the SWC • Games, art, animations and tutorials • Summer and life ^.^

My Links

My Scratch Profile My scratch stats