Hey there! I'm P110 I am a PHP, HTML, CSS and scratch coder. I'm a director of a UK registered company YingaTech UK Ltd, which started on Scratch in around 2011 as P110 Tech and Eternity Incurakai (both collabs) before they merged and then an actual company was formed..

My Work

Mainly I'm working on things outside of scratch but I do like to make the odd bit of music for scratch and I would love to make a nice game at some point. We shall see :)


Back in 2006 I made my first website.. it was terrible but it did count as a website. In 2011 I started working on some things for scratch and of course that needed a website, it was a cheaty little drag/drop thing but it got me started in more and more advanced programming. Skip ahead to today and I'm director of a company in the UK (YingaTech UK Ltd.) and I work on building websites for other people along with a few friends I first met on Scratch. (Iggyvolz, ErnieParke and a few others).


I am a member of the welcoming committee, a former member of transition team and a former curator, I am one of the first ever Scratch Mentors, a programme that has now sadly been retired. I work with the international wiki team, mostly on the scratchblocks plugin but I attend the weekly meetings via voip and like to think that I help out with some decisions.

Well... That's me! If you'd like to contact me, please leave a comment on my profile :)

Scratch on!

P110 (talk | contribs) 15:04, 5 March 2016 (UTC)