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My Scratch Profile [1]


Important Links:

My Scratch Profile [2]

(Please pardon the messy "==Oceanatic==" up there. I'm trying to figure out how to delete it.)

Who am I?

I am a girl who loves school and Scratch. I also swim competitively - sometimes up to 14 hours a week. Swimming is life, and if you're also a swimmer, that's awesome!

I consider myself a freestyler (distance or sprint) and a breaststroker. These are some of my times, circa May 8, 2017, in case fellow swimmers would like to compare:

200 SCY free - 2:28.12 100 SCY free - 1:07.3 50 SCY free - 29.8 100 SCY breast - 1:28

200 LCM free - 2:46 100 LCM free - 1:16 50 LCM free - 34.18

I also am an IMer ^u^

Avidly I obsess over ice cream, which is quite clearly life itself. I'm a cat person who secretly loves dogs. I like to play around with numbers. I write stories. Chocolate anything is amazing.

What do I do on the Scratch Wiki? I mostly check for grammatical errors and spelling errors. Yep, that's me, the grammar freak/nerd. As for my stance on the Oxford comma, I think that YES, we do need an Oxford comma!

I was the 220th FPC!

I like making videos on iMovie and Scratch projects. I like writing. Feel free to visit me at my profile!

Talk Page

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Oceanatic: Hi ^U^ Still figuring out how the Wiki works, but it's great to be a member of the Wiki community. I will continue to scout for grammar and spelling errors xD

More About Me

I saw this quiz thing going around, so I'll add my answers here.

How are you doing today?

pretty happy :)

How tall are you?


What colour are your eyes?

yellowish-greenish with brown eye freckles

What is your zodiac sign?


When were you born?

May 20

What is your sexual orientation?


What is your romantic orientation?


Do you have/want any tattoos?


Do you have/want any piercings?


Who is/are your best friend/s?

most of them aren't active on scratch but they have school accounts ;~; however, @Aquasplash is one of my best friends irl ^u^

What makes you happy?

swimming, ice cream, cute pet videos, breaking an old time in a race the moment of serene, perfect comfort when I finally drift off to sleep the ocean, music, Scratch, drawing, writing, pearl milk tea -- so many things I couldn't list them all

What are your top 5 favorite bands?

ooh, this is hard 0-0 um.. let's see, how about Beyoncé/Destiny's Child Imagine Dragons Hamilton (it isn't really a band, but it has songs, so..) Sia Meghan Trainor have we already run out of 5 bands? that's not okay, there's so many more artists I like

What are your top 5 favourite songs?

this is impossibly tough. I'll just have to name my current favorites, since they always change: 1. basically any hamilton song 2. Single Ladies - Beyoncé 3. Hall of Fame 4. Vivir Mi Vida 5. Titanium - Sia that was so hard who am I kidding I can't choose just five

What are your top 5 favourite movies?

disney forever 1. Big Hero 6 2. Hidden Figures 3. Pirates of the Caribbean (all of them) 4. Moana (I love Tomatoa) 5. The Little Mermaid

What are your top 5 favourite TV shows?

I'm not really a TV show person occasionally I might watch a cooking show like CHOPPED or maybe Jeopardy. Do Russian cartoons count? xD

Favourite people/person?

clearly myself, second only to Reneé Elise Goldsberry, Katie Ledecky, and my amazing family, friends, and Scratch friends ^u^

Favourite colour?

teal, shades of blue ranging from dark blue to pale blue, but I also like rose/orange

Favourite book?

that is insanely difficult. I'll just name a few books I enjoy: Harry Potter series Heroes of Olympus series Anne of Green Gables okay you know what? If I keep going, we're going to be here all day.

Favourite animal?

cats, dogs, dolphins, whale sharks. especially whale sharks.

Favourite food?

mint ice cream, gnocchi, tacos, burritos, guacamole, key lime pie, chocolate anything

Are you single?

why yes, I am :)

How many boyfriends/girlfriends have you had?


Describe your crush?

a swimmer

Describe your dream girl/guy?

a kind human being who has a unique perspective on the world and also loves the ocean/swimming/marine life/aquatic areas in general

Who was the last person you held hands with?

myself, while stretching for a swim meet

Who was the last person you had a deep conversation with?

@aquasplash, when we realized the deeper meaning of agar.io

Random fact about yourself?

I can hold my breath for 1:15 ^u^

Do you play any instruments?

piano, and once in fifth grade (dramatic flashback) I "played" the violin (lol no I just killed everyone through high pitched sonic terror attacks)

What are your bad habits?

I can procrastinate sometimes, and I can overthink things

Are you outgoing or shy?

I'm an outgoing introvert.

Do you have trust issues?

depends who I'm supposed to be trusting

Where are you from?

the united states

Where would you like to travel?

I would love to visit Antarctica someday

Have you ever been arrested/expelled?


What makes you angry?

When people are hypocritical, or lie obviously. Injustice. The patriarchy. When people are told they are inferior. Most of society's subtle messages.

What makes you happy? swimming, ice cream, cute pet videos, breaking an old time in a race the moment of serene, perfect comfort when I finally drift off to sleep the ocean, music, Scratch, drawing, writing, pearl milk tea -- so many things I couldn't list them all

What does the most recent text that you sent say?

It's a gif of Hillary Clinton dabbing (don't ask)

Do you believe in luck and miracles?

Yes <3

Do you believe in life on other planets?

I do. It might not be little green men, but I do believe that we're not the only ones out here

Do you believe in love at first sight?

I'm not sure.. maybe?

Do you believe in ghosts?

Yes (I'm superstitious)

Are you afraid of the dark?

Depends where it's dark. My room? No. A creepy graveyard at 3 in the morning? Yes.

Do you sleep with stuffed animals?

yes :))

Do you regret anything from your past?


What is your aesthetic?

oceans, pools, bodies of water, marine life

What are you currently wearing?

my school uniform

What is your dream job?


Do you have a 'catchphrase'?

whatever random thing I'm thinking at the time

What is your lucky number(s)?


Do you have any song stuck in your head?

"Say My Name", by Destiny's Child "Room Where It Happens", Hamilton

Thanks for reading!

Oceanatic (talk | contribs)