Hello. This is my user page thx for stopping by. Say hi to the commander of the lenny army he likes people to read this.

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WAzzup. Im nnagelia but call me n. I am a animator who is looking to bring you quality scratch animations. If you ever want to contact me, leave a message on the talk. Im a twelve year old. I joined scratch cuz i was interested in coding. I first wanted to just make games and now im a animator

Nnagelia (talk | contribs) 14:45, 30 April 2017

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I am working on many series, especially the if honest series and epic fail series, and in a nutshell find them | on my profile


If you want to talk, leave a message here.

Just remember i'll check my messages atlesat 2 times a week


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Ill post em down below :-)

what else to put

I'll update this page frequently so i'll keep adding more info --
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