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Status: Wikipedia is truly amazing! :D

If you have not seen my userpage yet, please go read it and then check out this subpage which has all of my likes in it. I like so many things I decided to create a subpage for it. ;P

And if you like some things that I like as well, feel free to mention it at my talk page!

Note Note: The ranking system in the following area is not ranked in any order, so do not think I like one thing more than the other or opposite.

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♡ My Likes ♡

1. Literature, of course, since I want to become a professional writer as stated in my userpage

2. Programming, and if I had not liked that I would have quite Scratch immediately

3. Playing the piano, since I have been going to a piano class since I was seven years.

4. Chairs, or else I would not be a member of the Chair of Republic.

5. Minecraft, since I asked my dad to buy it for my birthday. Ooh, tell me on my talk page which version you have, I have the Pocket one!

6. Being crazy.

7. The SCP Foundation, which I wrote an entire five-part tale of for the lolFoundation.

8. Pillows, especially since I can do pillow fights with my grandfather.

9. Harry Potter, since I am one of the biggest Potterheads in the universe.

10. Greek Myths.

11. Obviously Percy Jackson.

12. Another obviously The Heroes of Olympus.

13. Disney films.

14. ROBLOX, since it is so fun and has so many games.

15. Play Station, but I forgot which one since I lended it from my friends.

16. Apple products, since they are so smooth.

17. 4D films in theaters.

18. Talking Tom and Friends, the cartoon show.

19. I like to watch Tayo the Little Bus when I am severely bored and have nothing to watch.

20. I like finishing things off for a day, and that is what is happening as I write this.

21. Writing in this subpage.

22. Asking questions on TenType’s talk page. (Sorry, Ten)

23. Switzerland, for it’s beautiful mountains and sceneries.

24. Morten road infrastructure.

25. Mathematics (I know, I am peculiar).

26. Lays Paprika Chips.

27. I like “That Moment When” jokes.

28. Making dramatic things so funny your stomach almost explodes of laughing.

29. YouTube!!!

30. ObliviousHD for their wonderful ROBLOX movies.

31. Making Tamil a healthier language without mixing English.

32. Being a clown.

Nambaseking01 (talk | contribs)

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