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Hello there! My name is Nambaseking01, but I prefer to be called Nammy on the internet. It's more convenient for all of us.

Click here to see the first version of my userpage (July 2019 — April 2020)

Note Note: I've decided to come back for a while. This is not going to last long.

Me in a Nutshell

I am a male Scratcher and Wikian who loves writing on the Scratch Wiki. I live in a small town in Belgium, but I actually immigrated from India. I hold the Wikian status and have edited this place 950 times.

Outside of the Scratch Wiki, I love recording vlogs and gaming videos — talking and performing on-stage is my field. Writing and coding are also my passions, and playing music is just a little hobby I have.

To contact me, please visit my Scratch profile or my talk page.

Random Facts

  • I am right-handed
  • I can speak English, Dutch, French (less fluently), and Tamil.
    • I can only write and read English, Dutch, and French though. But French is a little hard on that part.
  • I sing and play the piano (not that well of a singer, though, and music isn't really my thing)
  • I'm online way too much XD
  • Favorite Things:
    • Color: I was looking at TenType's page, then saw a color that I had no idea existed. I searched it up and it's my new favorite: Azure
    • Animal: Sparrows, because they're extremely cute, but I have to admit I like doggies equally
    • Food: Pizza, and it doesn't matter which kind as long as it's vegetarian
      • Oh yeah, I'm vegetarian
    • My lucky and favorite number is 7, and I think it is like that for a lot of people
      • Mostly because my birthday is on October 7, and I got born on the time 7:10. I think 7 is lucky because my birthday and birthtime are the same XD
    • Sport: Swimming, and even though I'm not very good at it and I don't even go to classes and I just learnt a bit from swimming around at school, it's still fun to play in water even if it's deep
    • Drink: Ehh, to be honest, I don't have any specific favorite "drink" only. If I really had to choose one, it would be Fanta, but even then I'm not going to decide immediately
    • Game: ROBLOX, but Minecraft is also pretty cool
      • I pretty much only play those two games these days, and I uninstall any other game I try to play. I just can't seem to endorse anything else (except for maybe Snapchat minigames)...
      • You found an easter egg! Now you get to edit a random page!
  • WazzoTV once responded to a comment of mine on one of my alt accounts (if you think this is a lie, go ahead, it's not like I care)
  • I scored 648 points on Chrischb's Scratch Wiki test on my second try (I forgot how much I scored first)
  • I don't really like maths but I like language and all that stuff

On the Scratch Wiki

I've been on the Scratch Wiki since July 27th, 2019, after failing to join after requesting it twice before. I currently have the Wikian status and have 950 edits. I am too active on the Wiki.

What I do here

  • Stalk Recent Changes like TenType and Kenny2scratch
  • Sometimes view the user creation log to welcome New Wikians on their talk page
  • Mostly do extremely small but grammatically correct edits on many pages I find on Recent Changes, checking my watchlist, or click on "Random Page"
  • Bombard good Wikians with questions to learn stuff
  • Make a lot of mistakes (seriously, I still get a lot of bot messages for not signing my posts after almost a year of being here)
    • Please post this on my talk page if I do something silly: {{User:Dominic305/Templates/Trout}}
  • Spend way too much time discussing ways to improve pages with people and hesitate to make any major edits without making sure it's allowed (people usually do the work for me because of that which is lame)
  • Also spend way too much time editing this page

What I've already done here

  • Achieved the Wikian status, which requires you to do absolutely nothing
  • I've tried to join the SW two times, all in vain, but third time's the charm and it worked
  • I've felt sad that I didn't join this place earlier
  • Having nostalgia about the day I was screaming in happiness when I got accepted here
  • Clicked on "Recent Changes" and "Watchlist" about 100 cintillion times.

On Scratch

One day, my dad's friend came home and they said that there was a programming language named "Scratch" that was probably good for my intelligent brain. I checked it out and at the beginning I did not like it all and I left in about 1-2 months. For a couple of months after that I really wanted to develop my own game, but I did not know how. Then I remembered Scratch again, and I made a return to it and that time I loved it. Here I am, suddenly writing this article, more than two years after all that happened.

On Scratch, I am an official Forum Helper. I have been on Scratch for over two years (thanks to my older account) and I own the Scratch Ultimate Coding Shop at the "Requests" forum (it is now temporarily closed). I generally helped a lot of people at the forums - now I'm kind of inactive there, but I have to admit the nostalgia is getting to me...

I chose my name because I have a fictional planet in my imaginary universe by the name of "Bali". The main headquarters of Bali is in the city "Nambase", and that makes the city the capital of Bali. I have created my own legend (the following is not true) that the old king of Nambase was my last birth. So, of course the name is "Nambaseking" - and I just added the "01" since adding numbers randomly to names is something people do randomly.

I am also a member of the Scratch Wiki Contributors studio on Scratch.


Shared Projects: 6 (I deleted a lot a while ago due to them being very childish and unprofessional)

Followers: 269 - Member of the Top 10,000 Most Followed Scratchers

Favorite Quotes

  • "STOP ADDING THESE SECTIONS, WIKIANS! — Nambaseking01, an intellectual


See all my credits at my credits page.


Thank you for reading this article! I will make sure to expand this every once in a while, so you'll always have content XD


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