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International Wikis

These Wikis are listed in the order they were created.


Main article: DACH-Scratch Wiki


  • Started Feburary 8, 2012
  • Currently has 677 Articles
  • Community Mostly from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland
  • Articles in this Wiki link to the corresponding article in the other wiki via the so-called Interwiki feature.


Logo of the Russian Scratch Wiki (Скретч Вики)
  • Started March 16th, 2014
  • Currently has 125 articles.
  • Community Mostly from RussiaThe Russian Scratch Wiki


was already discussed in 2013, but it did not have enough contributors to be created until 2014.[1]

With help and assistance from the DACH Wiki team, the Indonesian Scratch Wiki was created on September 5th, 2014.[2] Their first article was about backdrops and can be viewed here. Indonesian Scratch Wiki is also known as Indo-Scratch-Wiki (short for Indonesian Scratch Wiki) and Scratch-Indo-Wiki (as related to Indonesian grammar rules whereas the adjectives are after the nouns). The wiki has only around 100 articles and a handful of members but is slowly growing.

The official Scratch account for Scratch-Indo-Wiki can be accessed here. The wiki is located at scratch-indo.info.


Logo of the Japanese Scratch Wiki

The Japanese Scratch Wiki (Scratch Wiki Japan) started in March 2015 after a user applied for it in the Scratch Wiki in Your Native Language topic.[3] The DACH-Scratch-Wiki Team later answered and accepted the application.[4]

The logo was created by shuprogram and posted here.

It currently has 387 articles and 103 contributors.


Logo of the Hungarian Scratch Wiki

The Hungarian Scratch Wiki was started on September 10th, 2015. It currently has 170 articles and 44 contributors.


Logo of the Dutch Scratch Wiki

The Dutch Scratch Wiki (not to be confused with the Deutsch, DACH or German wiki) was started in September 2015. It currently has only 18 articles, and 24 contributors.


The French Scratch Wiki started in the Template:Twi November 7, 2015 and became a "Real Scratch Wiki" October 4, 2016.
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