List of FAQs For Non-Wikians

Q: I have a Scratch account! Why can't I sign in/edit the wiki?
A: You cannot edit/sign in because a Scratch account does not correspond to a Scratch Wiki account. You need to request for a Scratch Wiki account to edit. You can do so here: https://en.scratch-wiki.info/wiki/S:JOIN

Q: Why is the header color different than the Scratch header?
A: The Scratch Wiki is independently run, and is on different servers and a different domain. To distinguish the main website from the Wiki, the (default*) header color is different between the two sites.
* Logged in users are able to change the color of the header to their liking.

Q: How do I become an EW/admin/bureaucrat?
A: EWs are elected, usually every one to two years. Administrators are appointed by current administrators and/or bureaucrats, which typically happens during an election as well. Bureaucrats are either Scratch Team members or appointed (but far more infrequently - there has been a total of one occasion of bureaucrats being appointed in history).

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