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Christmas Countdown template created by Mrcomputer1.


Option Description Default Value Example Alternate Value
tz Time Zone (see mediawikiwiki:Help:Extension:ParserFunctions##time) now +10 hours
tzname Time Zone Name UTC AEST (UTC+10)
bordercolor Border colour lime red
bgcolor Background colour red lime
textcolor Text colour white black
linkcolor Link colour lime red
msgheading Heading text Christmas {{CURRENTYEAR}} Countdown Christmas Countdown
msgmerrychristmas Merry Christmas text (displayed on Christmas) Merry Christmas Have a Merry Christmas OR ELSE
msgdays Days text (displayed beside days remaining) {{plural: {{#expr: 24-{{#time: j|{{{tz|now}}}}}}} |1=day|days }} day(s)
msgjoiner Text displayed between the days and hours and &
msghours Hours text (displayed beside hours remaining) {{plural: {{#expr: 23-{{#time: G|{{{tz|now}}}}}}} |1=hour|hours }} hour(s)
msgalreadybeen Displayed after Christmas, until New Years day when the template mostly disappears It has already been Christmas this year! You'll need to wait until next year. You missed Christmas :O

Example Usage (Using alternate values above)

{{User:Mrcomputer1/Templates/Christmas Countdown
|tz=+10 hours
|tzname=AEST (UTC+10)
|msgheading=Chirstmas Countdown
|msgmerrychristmas=Have a Merry Christmas OR ELSE
|msgalreadybeen=You missed Christmas :O

Christmas Countdown template created by Mrcomputer1.