I'm Mohie or Cool Scratcher, and I see you're viewing my user page! Well, in that case, here are some helpful links.

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Hi! I am mohie/Cool Scratcher! I am an experienced scratcher, having used the language for years! If you'd like a BTS, here's my Sandbox. Visit my profile at anytime for help! :D

Mohie: Scratcher info
Username Cool--Scratcher
Age which started Scratch  7
Age which started Scratch Wiki 10
Residence USA
Timezone PST (UTC-8)
Contributions 175
  • Cool Scratcher
  • CS

This page will be edited from time to time, so peek here regularly :)
I have been curated one time: 100% pen 3D scrolling rocket!

I am fluent in HTML, CSS, and Scratch. I know a little of Python and I'm learning MicroWorlds EX, C#, and JavaScript. As for actual languages, I'm learning Hindi and Marathi and I know English exceptionally well for my age.

I have two accounts: @mohie and @Cool--Scratcher.
By the way, when I say @somename, I am referencing Scratch, not the wiki.

Contact me

Hey! If you want to contact me, you may visit my channel.

Note Stay safe!: Make sure to stay safe on the internet. Any links to other sites that I provide are only for going to if your parent/guardian says it is okay. Do NOT break this rule!

You may also visit my talk page.
Oh, and if you aren't a Contributer, scratch is always an option! Click here.

My YouTube channel

Oh hai! My wonderful, glamorious, awesome, epic, sensational, beautiful YouTube Channel can be accessed different ways. Even so, get permission from your parents before going on YouTube.

  1. I'm Feeling Lucky Method
  • Go to Google. It doesn't matter whether or whether not you're search engine is Google or you are using Chrome (or not), go to the website.
  • Type in "Cool Scratcher" and CLICK AWAY FROM THE TEXT BOX. Then, click the button that says "I'm Feeling Lucky."
  • Tada!
  1. Tinyurl

Random facts about me

  • I am right-handed ✋
  • I read a TON of books like (this is just a few!):
    • Harry Potter
      • ALL of them!!
    • The honest truth
    • Wonder
      • The main book
      • the picture book
      • but NOT anything else, is there anything else??
    • Percy Jackson
      • Most of them
    • Dog Man
      • All of them currently published
    • Captain Underpants (when I was younger)
      • ALL of them! I'm a crazy book reader!!
  • I am good at writing!
  • I am currently working on a novel which if going to be published!!
    • It is called 'The Stickmen'
  • I discovered Scratch in 2013.
    • My first account was @mohie.

Are you not an editor?

Hey! If you are not an editor, I'd recommend joining. It's a lot of fun and makes you feel important!
If you are not an editor, consider joining if you...

  1. Like to write
  2. Are good at writing
  3. Want to edit the wiki

Submit requests here. Please note that the Scratch Wiki is hard to be a part of!


Thank you to TenType for inspiration on a ton of stuff!! Bigpuppy helped me join, and also is a very trusted scratcher. Go check both out!

The Kid Creators Team

If you don't know, I'm also a businessman! I run a company called the Kid Creators Team, and I founded the company. Me and some of my friends keep the KCT actually something!
Here it is!