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I joined the week the curator row was added to 2.0, under the name mitopolis, which I use here. I didn't like it at first because it wasn't binary. After I realized that binary wasn't something that you programmed in, I was very active on the website and forums, but then I got busy. After about a year, I got back on as Mittopolis. I was very active for a while on the main site, and then my Wiki account was accepted, which made me inactive on the main site. My Wiki account was accepted at 21:36 on January 3, 2016. I am now extremely active. At one time, I was the most active user! I made a bot request which is still being discussed. I am also good at HTML, Arduino C (not regular C!), PICAXE microcontrollers (modified BASIC), and Linux/OS X shell scripting. I mainly use the shell scripting. I wrote a virtual computer in both HTML and shell. I also made a script called shbuild, to build other shell scripts, one called lockterm, which locks your session on a TTY (teletypewriter), and one called MBook, which lets you use a GUI to make "books" of man pages. I also wrote many other scripts. WikiMonitor :)


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