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Blue mod logo.png
Version 1.38
Operating Systems Any web browser
Developer(s) GRA0007[1]
Open source? Yes
Programming language Flash
Released? No
Compatible with Scratch 2.0
Official Website http://blue.gwiddle.co.uk/
The project editor.

Blue is a Scratch modification based on Scratch 2.0. Black blocks are not implemented and will crash the editor when they run. It includes six additional block categories:

  • Strings
  • Program
  • System
  • Dialogs
  • Websockets
  • Color

Custom Blocks

Blue has additional features for custom blocks:

  • Color and menu inputs
  • Custom reporters, booleans, and C blocks
  • a yield::custom block (its purpose is unclear)

Dialog Blocks

A custom text prompt dialog being displayed.

The Dialogs section of the block palette allows dialog pop-ups in the editor to be controlled by the project.

  1. https://scratch.mit.edu/discuss/topic/51366/