Welcome to MegaByteCorporations!

Call me Mega!

I'm decent at:

  • Art
  • Writing

I'm terrible at:

  • Debating
  • Coding

# of Followers:

  • 159 so... close...

Working On

Alpha, Volume One

I'm not going to give anything away. Hehehehehehehehe

Several How-Tos for the wiki

Yes, I plan to make several art how-tos for those in need of help.

Improving my coding

This is a hopeless cause. :P

Discovering the True Meaning of FRUIT FRUIT FRUIT OLIVE

This is also a hopeless cause. :P


Graphic Design

One of the most noble arts.


An amazing pastime, I'm currently reading A Hat Full of Sky, and a bunch of other Terry Pratchet.

Failing at coding