If you are going to comment on my talk page, check back often! :D

Hi guys! I'm mathdude34!

I still use this account for wiki editing, but my new main account is Gamation.

About me

I started Scratch in the fall of 2014. I was in an after-school coding camp at my school that used Scratch 1.4. I really loved Scratch from the beginning, and started to create lots of projects, that, I must admit, were pretty buggy. I loved the coding and learning part of Scratch!

In the Spring of 2015, I started to help out in my school library, and one day, while shelving books, I was surprised to see kids doing Scratch 2.0 at the library computers! I stopped to watch, and learned a lot about the new style of 2.0!

That summer, I got a Scratch 2.0 account, mathdude34. And that is where I've been the past year-ish!

News and Announcements

Hey guys! I'm trying to be active on this, but I keep forgetting. I'm too timid to make an article on Muting...anyone gonna try and solve this little dilemma for me? XD

I hope everybody has a great summer! Tbh, I just got out on June 24th, sooooo...

What I'm working on

On my regular account Gamation, I'm banned as of August 2017. So if you find this... hi ;)