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The Story of Melodia- a personal and historical narrative

by Makethebrainhappy 
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It has been many months now since Melodia was closed once and for all, but it stills sometimes crosses my mind, as I try to make my own collaborations endure. As I myself have expanded my own collaborations and joined many others, I realized the many difficulties of running such collaborations. How to get orders done and members satisfied is a difficult question. As now my own shop is plagued with inactivity and I struggle to ever finish an order, I see Haiming's challenge. I see what his solution was. I've learned from it. Maybe you can to.
Makethebrainhappy (talk | contribs) 14:00, 10 April 2016 (UTC)

What was Melodia?

Melodia was a shop in the requests forum which offered customers art, music, reviews, and scripting created June 2014 by Haiming. It was revolutionary in many ways. It was extremely organized and became the largest shop on scratch. You'll learn more about Melodia as you read through this. Melodia had an extremely skilled staff team. We were a community within ourselves, guided by Haiming. It was like a lot of the collaborations around today, but at the time it was pretty unique for a shop.

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Me in Melodia

I wasn't in Melodia from its creation. I joined around December 2014. It was one of the first shops I had ever joined. I was very excited about it, and I was the first graduate of the newly established training program. It's one of the reasons I made my first interactive game. I was quickly promoted to graduate. The last promotion in Melodia saw me rise to the position of high manager. I had a front-row seat, although I was not in the Board of Directors. I was probably the closest thing to it.

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Melodia Organization

How was Melodia organized? Melodia tried to be as professional as possible. Everything was formatted in a special way, the front page looked pretty nice. The rooster had a complicated hierarchy. There were many different threads for the many different activities. There were activity ratings for members.

To give you a sense of the structured way things ran, I will post the hierarchy explanations:

Hierarchy System.PNG

When it was a normal day, things ran smoothly. There was also a activity ranking system. In one of the reconstruction attempts, the actual page of explanation was deleted, but here's the general idea of it. The first two aren't activity ratings, but higher members don't have activity ratings. (Class A = Melodia Official, while Inner Circle = Senior Member)

Senior Member Melodia Official Distinguished (A) Eminent (B) Copacetic (C) Debilitated (D) Cut


Melodia|Feedback| was a good idea. A fully separate thread for reviews. It helped to make it simpler to find your completed review. There was a strict rule that you were only allowed to post completed reviews into this thread. I've implemented the idea into my own shop :), but slightly modifying it. My Review template is located in the Show + Tell forum, while the Melodia thread was strictly for posting the reviews. Orders and chatting were not allowed.

I will mention the Melodia|Newspaper| Thread created by gcenac. This thread was dedicated to the Melodia Newspaper, a startup endorsed by Haiming. The purpose of the newspaper was to print all sorts of Melodia-related news. I've tried to implement this into my own shop. First I endorsed the 'Brain News' station run by my friend Pomf in an effort to create a company newspaper. This version never worked out. I tried to then make my own startup with "Infinite News". This was more successful, probably more successful than most newspapers that I've seen, but we stopped after only producing four editions. This sort of reveals the problem with creating a newspaper on scratch, there isn't much to motivate you to keep writing. There isn't a lot of interesting stuff happening to write about. Its hard to find the interesting stuff. Here's a small quote from the front page of the newspaper thread.


The Copyright Issue

MelodiaStudioQuote.PNG Paddle2SeeQuoteMelodia.PNG

These two comments found in the Melodia official studio highlight the entire copyright issue in two short snippets. On the surface, its everything you need to know. There's a lot more arguing and response involved though. Lets see some more quotes.

It all started with this comment

Scratchifier Comment.PNG

Then we had huge flame war. Its hard to describe a flame war. They come in all shapes and sizes. They occur all over the internet. They aren't allowed on scratch due to the community guidelines. Its like a heated argument. We had one of those. All of the comments were removed by ST Intervention.

Paddle2SeeComment in Forum.PNG

Do you see the link there? It was a thread full of emotion. TheHockeyist, a board member, asked for it to be deleted after the incident. Something that I remember occurring is Scratchifier in a long post taking the last of music pieces we had created, and breaking it down to where each one could be found on newgrounds, where each one was essentially copied from. The case was closed after Paddle2See contacted the newgrounds artists and confirmed that Haiming had never 'collaborated' with them. Haiming claimed that he had collaborated to make many of the songs, but Paddle found this not to be true.

ToffeeQuote.PNG PaddleWixQuote.PNG

It turned out that Copyright had been violated.


Member Response to the Copyright Issue

The Truth, Confession, and my reaction:

The truth and reactions.PNG

Member's Responses




Here was an observers response:

FuzzBuzz Quote.PNG

Failed Reconstruction

We tried multiple times to reconstruct Melodia, but they were never successful. Haiming kept going back and forth on whether or not to leave. We couldn't seem to get over the past. We kept going back and forth about it. Here's an example. Haiming Hockey.PNG

We were all pretty shocked by ourselves and the situation... HockeysSadPost.PNG

Melodia's Legacy

WixQuote.PNG BrainsQuoteWiz.PNG

The author of the quote brought up a very interesting point. What is Melodia's Legacy? This is a tough question to answer. In the minds of customers, its problem just that something went wrong and it closed. There was a mistake, but it was great for a while. They'll have to go find a new shop. But in the minds of members and shop owners afterwards, Melodia's legacy was pretty bad. Let's take a look at some quotes.

True or False: If Tropical Waves collapses to its doom, it will not happen in the same way that Melodia collapsed.

– TheHockeyist

This is a question where there is no correct answer. Just over six months ago, Melodia (our predecessor shop) fell apart due to a flame war that took up nine pages. Should a flame war encompass Tropical Waves and ruin our reputation, how will you react and handle the situation? If the ST had to intervene, then how might you avoid a complete collapse of Tropical Waves?

– TheHockeyist

Well, I wasn't at Melodia, though I witnessed its downfall, and I just suggest we get off the topic. Any Shop could fall in ANY way, unless they specifically put enormous amounts of effort into not falling a certain way. In my opinion, and sketchy and/or scandalous behavior would be quickly blotted out by the ST here, and I think we all are smart enough to not repeat what happened.

– CrazyGoldFish3

I was not a member of Melodia and I never ordered from there, the only way I was involved was advertising my old newspaper collaboration there. But I did follow it because it was very innovate and the first shop of its kind. I think the most unique factor was its formalized training system which a few shops followed. I do remember watching the shop unfold and it split into Flux, Tropical Waves and there might have been two others (Cube or something?).

– Co49

So much salt… His collaboration fell apart and he's bitter about it. I don't think you'll have much trouble achieving the same results as Melodia, especially if you've got most of the old members.

– Detriment2

Its mixed, with both good things and bad things. Overall, I leave the reader to judge for himself.


"I nearly cried xP It's such a sad story. May this never happen again."

– Sigton


There's something that I must remind everyone about. All of the events I have written about, occurred in the space of a month. Melodia was a great and active shop for 8 months, and served the community well. We should learn from the mistakes and the greatness that Melodia employed to become successful. And to Haiming, I guess you got your wish ;).