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isOnline is a Scratch extension created by multiple Scratchers that tells you whether or not a user is online by visiting their profile. Once the extension is downloaded, the user must go through a short verification process to start using it. There are multiple options the user can set. The user may also add Scratchers as friends to get notified when they come online.


  • Manual and automatic statuses
  • Compatible with Chrome Sync
  • Extra options (for example, enabling the Discuss button)
  • Notifications when users friends are online


File:IsOnline stauts chooser.png
The isOnlineV2 status selection menu.

Statuses display next to the location field on a user's profile. If the user doesn't use isOnline, then their status appears as "Not iO User".

If an isOnline user visits their own profile, a selection menu appears instead of their status. In this menu, the user can choose between setting their status to automatic; or to a manual status.

Manual statuses are:

  • Away – which will switch to offline if the user closes all their Scratch tabs;
  • Do Not Disturb – which will stop other isOnline users from seeing their status on the friend list feature;
  • Offline

The Automatic (Online) status switches to "Away" if the user has Scratch tabs open but hasn't loaded one in a certain period of time. If all Scratch tabs are closed then the user's status will display as "Offline".

Friend list

By clicking on the extension's browser action, a menu will display allowing a user to enable the friend list feature. This allows an isOnline user to add 10 Scratchers to a watchlist which will send a browser notification if a user's status changes from Offline to either Absent or Online.

If a user's status is set as Do Not Disturb then from the friend list menu they will appear in the "Offline" category.

To add a user to the friend list, one must visit their profile and click the "+ friends" button (an "x friends" button will appear after reloading the page, this can be used to unfriend a user).

A user "Y" can only add a user "Z" to their friend list if "Z" follows "Y".

Extra Features

In addition to features relating to statuses, isOnline contains easter eggs and extra features.

  • Discuss button – after the removal of the Discuss button from the navigation bar, an isOnline user can visit the user account DiscussButton, which will have an "Enable" link instead of their status. When clicked, the "Discuss" button appears in the navigation bar. The DiscussButton account is modified by isOnline to remove all rows except for the "Followers" row.
  • Easter egg in search – if in the Scratch search bar, one were to type "the best extension", in any case, with the extension enabled, it redirects to the isOnline official account.


isOnline supports English[1], Spanish[2], and Japanese[3]; and in a previous version supported Russian[4]. The translations are based on the browser's selected locale, and the default locale is English[5].


IsOnlineV2 is developed and maintained by the following Scratchers:[6]

  • World_Languages
  • chooper100
  • jokebookservice1
  • PackersRuleGoPack


Currently, isOnline supports three browsers:


According to the official download page, isOnlineV2 has 1600+ users.[7]

Scratch Team Opinions

isOnline is not endorsed by the Scratch Team and not all that broadly used

– ThisAndAgain, Scratch Team[8]

External links

The official download page

The official isOnlineV2 Scratch profile

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