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Thank you for coming to visit this wiki page! I wish to share with you the opportunities Scratch has afforded me. My work has both not just focused on programming but also on the greater community. In particular, I've truly enjoyed expanding our band of Wikians in my role as an administrator. Every member brings new talent to the team and a future vision. I hope that Scratch allows you to gain a better start for whatever your future goals may be.

You will find here many disparate ventures: community projects, educational lessons, and wiki-related activities. The information is compiled in a manner which provides a brief overview and allows you to explore the topics which interest you in greater detail.

Makethebrainhappy (talk | contribs) 16:18, 18 June 2017 (UTC)


MakeTheBrainHappy's Shop

MakeTheBrainHappy's "Shop", a collaborative venture meant to provide a whole host of free services, was formerly the largest such organization on Scratch for a little under a year from 2015-2016. Furthermore, the "Shop" also become the largest "visible thread" on scratch for a week (fun fact: the largest is actually used for forum moderation). It was managed by myself and CrazyGoldFish3. It offered many complementary services such as Art (e.g. Logos, Banners, & Sprites), BBCode (Coding in the Forums), Emoticons, Constructive Feedback, Scripting (e.g. Custom Blocks), Slideshows, Stories, and a Text Symbols sheet (which I have conveniently republished on my website). The whole enterprise also included a newspaper enterprise, a system to reach out to like-minded ventures, and a supportive membership environment with a lively staff. The "Shop" officially opened on Feb. 22, 2015 and closed April 16, 2016.

This was one of the first successful shops which implemented a system accepting all forms of orders and creating directed efforts towards outreach to similar partners. This would eventually develop and culminate into grand "Shop Federations", where volunteers actively debated and innovated in their respective fields. The term for "Shop Federation" was originally coined by myself in a comment from over two years ago with CrazyGoldFish3.


Exploration of Graphics

My second account is called @trimakethebrainhappy, containing mostly art, mathematical projects and project-starters. It was created on 4/2/2015. The Punnett Square Creator has the most views with 2,000+ in three years. The best project on the account is called Fishing Simulator, examining the tradeoff between yield and sustainability in a simplified environment, where the challenge is to catch the most fish within the confines of the simulation. Other notable projects include my accurate millisecond clock. To date, I have not found a millisecond clock which is more accurate than this one on the main Scratch website. On this account you will also find many mathematical experiments, and the templates for the tutorials which are posted on my website,


@RiskGames was a collaboration with HarryB178 founded on 8/19/2015 with the focus on making games similar to the board game Risk avaliable for free public entertainment. We were curated 3 times and top-loved twice. The most successful, Risk WW2, has over 15,000 views. Six fully developed Risk Games have been released including Risk- Napoleon, Risk WWII, Risk- Seven Year's War, Risk- 1942, Risk- World and Risk-Empries. Many successful spin-off projects were created by other developers, most notably Risk-Game of Thrones, Risk-Thirty Years War and Risk-WWI.

The account has more than 38,000 views, 1,000 favorites and 1,200 likes. The account ranks on the first page of the Google index under the search term "RiskGames".

Services Planning Department

On March 18th, 2017 MakeTheBrainHappy founded the Services Planning Department, which evolved into a very successful writing collaboration. This one-of-a-kind collaboration was very unique in it's focus and the dedication of its members. Writing itself is very rare to encounter, but this collaboration specifically focused on writing stickies. In addition to owning two directories (the collaboration and announcements directories), the collaboration has produced five stickies, numerous itopics and one top-loved project. You can see more of it's accomplishment's here.

EW Election

MakeTheBrainHappy nominated himself for the EW election on June 5th, 2017. His nomination was accepted June 12th, along with those of kenny2scratch, customhacker, and banana439monkey. He wrote his speech the following week for his election. Here is what he wrote:

Hello Scratch Wiki Members, my name is MakeTheBrainHappy and I hope to be your next EW. As an EW, I will continue to look for ways to help connect the main site to the wiki by supporting wiki Wednesday and receiving community feedback on what should be added to the wiki. By sparking interest in the wiki I will support activity growth and encourage new users to join us :). Personally I have written six stickied guides in the forums and many more ITopics. On the wiki I have been active over these past two years adding edits, paragraphs, and references to improve the wiki and it's culture. I have served in many leadership capacities in the scratch community, and I feel that I would serve well in the capacity of experienced wikian. Thank you for reading!

Scratch Wiki:Elections/June 2017 - MakeTheBrainHappy

On June 26th 2017 MakeTheBrainHappy won the election 25 points ahead of his nearest rival.

Notable Projects

Definitions: Curated Projects were selected by a Front Page Curator to be one of five projects featured on the front page for a period of one or two days. Top-loved projects were algorithmically chosen to be on the front page based on having the most community engagement within a recent period. They usually remained on the front page for a period of four to five days.

Notable Studios

I am an avid studio curator and currently technically curate and/or manage 400+ studios, although at any one point I am only active in a handful of them.

Significant Community Engagements: Scratch Helper Mentoring Committee, Scratch Champions, Winter Scratch Camp 2015-2016, 12 Million Projects on Scratch, Goodwill Scratchers, TSC New Year's Resolutions, TSC Poetry, Ode to Code Scratch Camp, Front Page Curator Application Help, Scratch Wiki Contributors, The Forum Helpers, and What is Wiki Wednesday?.

Front-Page Featured Studios: Maps and Geography, Scratch Tutorials!, Pi Day 2016, and Learn Creatively.

Summer Camp Studios (Officially ST designated): Scratch Camp (Deep Down): Camp Counselors, Scratch Camp: Down Deep (Part 2), Scratch Camp: Down Deep (Part 3), Scratch Camp 2018 Translations, Scratch Camp 2019 HQ, Scratch Camp 2019 Translations, Scratch Camp: Stage One, Scratch Camp: Stage Two, and Scratch Camp: Stage Three.

Welcoming Committee Studios: Project Submissions - Welcoming Committee, Reviewing - Welcoming Committee, Scratch Welcoming Committee, SWC Reviewers Sample Project Review, SWC Reviewers Applications, Info - Welcoming Committee, SWC Reviewer Notifications, SWC Projects to be updated for Scratch 3.0, DO NOT need to be Updated for scratch 3.0, Completed Projects - Welcoming Committee, and SWC Translations.

Scratch Design Studios: SDS Translations, Previous SDS Translations, Interactive Stories, Design a Park, From Dusk 'Till Dawn, Propose Scratch Design Studio Themes, Symmetry, SDS Updates, Time Travel, Create Your Own Restaurant, Bounce!, Year 3000!, Monochromatic, Day in the Life, Bloop, Growing, Puzzled, Micro, and Prehistoric.

Scratch Team Managed Studios: Share Your Scratch Journey and Front Page Curator Applications.

Contributions to the Forums

The different contributions are organized based on the title of the overall forum section. For example, "Making Scratch Projects" includes five different forums (Help with Scripts, Show and Tell, Project Ideas, Collaboration and Requests).

Welcome to Scratch

I have always taken a great interest in welcoming new members into the community and my contributions here reflect this. I own the guide How to Use the New Scratchers Forum and the ITopic Scratch: The Guide °Updated° Everything you need to know! (which honestly I need to revamp and does not reflect my current skill level...).

My contributions to the Announcements forum have been remarkable, and I thank the Scratch Team for facilitating this. I run the Announcements Directory (which is the only stickied forum) and wrote about the Wiki Server Transfer. Currently I am the only regular user ever to have two forums in the announcements forum.[1]

Making Scratch Projects

The only forum here which I have not significantly contributed to is the "Help with Scripts" forum, where I only helped rewrite the Scratchblock's testing topic. I wrote these stickied guides: "How to Make Constructive Comments on Profile Pages ☎" in the Show and Tell Forum, "Building Your Project Idea ↪ One Block at a Time" in the Project Ideas Forum, Different Types of Collaborations ➨ A Guide and How to be a Good Applicant in the Collaborations forum, and lastly Guide to making a Successful Shop in the Requests forum.

About Scratch

My sole possession to this section is my guide in the Open Source Forum entitled "How to Use Github." I would note though that I did contribute to some of the guides located in the Q & A forum which were mainly authored by other individuals.

Scratch Around the World

I have two stickies, one in the Italiano (Italian) forum and another in the 한국어 (Korean) forum. While I do not speak either of these two languages, they were attempts at finding members who could revitalize these wikis on the test wiki.

My Tutorials

On my website,, I have created many tutorials for the use by the scratch community. They are step-by-step guides to help anyone create a successful project. Here are the links to all of them :D!

Creating a Maze

Scratch 101 Creating a Paint Program Part 1

Scratch 101 Creating a Pen Program Part 2

Creating an Analog Clock

Creating a Confetti Animation

Creating a Fibonacci Generator

Creating Simon- a memory skill game

Synthesis Challenge: Create a Digital Clock

Creating a platformer- To New Lands

Wiki Contributions

I usually make minor edits on the wiki, adding paragraphs and sections where I feel it is necessary ;). I also have some userspace projects which I am working on, including a better organizational format for this page. Here are some of my other projects for reference:

See this article about programming: Imperative vs. Declarative Programming

Wiki Wednesday

I'm responsible for coordinating and writing Wiki Wednesday along with Scratch Team member LiFayTheGoblin. I have written twenty-one posts: Feb. 2018, Mar. 2018, Apr. 2018, May 2018, Jun. 2018, Jul. 2018, Aug. 2018, Sep. 2018, Oct. 2018 (w/ Ken), Nov. 2018, Dec. 2018, Jan. 2019, Feb. 2019, Mar. 2019, May 2019, Jun. 2019, Jul. 2019, Aug. 2019, Sep. 2019, Oct. 2019, and Nov. 2019.

Positions on the Wiki

English Scratch Wiki User- Apr. 30th, 2015 - present

English Scratch Wiki Experienced Wikian- June 27th, 2017 - June 23rd, 2019

International Administrator of the Test Wiki- Nov. 18th, 2017 - present

German Scratch Wiki User - Nov. 24th, 2017 - present

Dutch Scratch Wiki InterWiki User - Nov. 26th, 2017 - present

International Administrator of the Russian Wiki - Dec. 18th, 2017 - present

Director of Public Relations for all of the International Scratch Wikis- Feb. 20th, 2018 - present

Wiki Wednesday Coordinator for the International Scratch Wikis- Feb. 20th, 2018 - present

International Administrator of the Hungarian Wiki - July 23rd, 2018 - present[2]

English Scratch Wiki Administrator - June 23rd, 2019 - present[3]


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  2. Hungarian Wiki Rights Log
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