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Scratch Helper Mentor Guide

Guidelines for the helping process

when you find a New Scratcher to mentor, check with them when and for how long you’ll teach them.

comment on this project (instructions are on the project page).

When mentoring
make sure you cover the following topics:
  • Forums
  • Coding
  • Scratch History
  • Studios
  • Wiki
  • How to get further help once the mentor leaves
Your novice might ask you a bunch of questions, or they might want you to help with a project. Remember that you are not there to finish their projects, because that would take away their learning experience. If you do fix a bug on their project by remixing, make sure to leave enough comments inside the project to explain what you did.

In any case
respect the "Guidelines for being helpful" (on the right).

At the end of one week
you can point the novice to the forum topic if you like. Tell them that they can leave feedback there. Like this, the Scratch Helper Mentor Program can be improved. If you feel like they require more help you can point them to the Scratch Wiki. :)

Guidelines for being helpful

In all of your interactions, remember to be patient, friendly, and use words that match their experience. Think about what it feels like to be in their shoes (e.g. being new to Scratch, not knowing how to do something, etc.). Please don’t be condescending, there’s no reason for that.

Sometimes the first step is to help someone ask for help. If it isn’t clear what the problem is ask them. It may take some back and forth before they can explain what’s wrong - be patient.

Some questions have already been answered elsewhere. If there is tutorial project or wiki article that would help the Scratcher with their problem point them to it. If their question isn’t really about help with Scripts try to direct them to a more appropriate place. For example if they need help with art point them to the Art Request Forum.

You may not know how to help with their problem. That’s okay! If you don’t know, feel free to ask your fellow Helpers to jump in.

What is the Scratch Helper Mentoring Program?

In the Scratch Helper Mentoring Program, a group of Scratch Helpers who have joined the Scratch Helper Mentoring Committee, works on mentoring new Scratchers. Each new Scratcher who is interested in being mentored will get a Scratch Helper Mentor who will teach them the basics of Scratch.