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Welcome! This guide helps you to help members of the Scratch Community.

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Helping New Scratchers

Helping New Scratchers

Many studios for new Scratchers!
How to get to the forums.
The forums.
The Welcoming Committee.

Statistics have shown that it is very important to involve new Scratchers in the community right away - this way they are motivated and less anxious about learning with Scratch!

Here's how to find new Scratchers you can help:

Welcoming New Scratchers

Welcoming new Scratchers is a great way to help them meet first friends and make connections when just getting started. By welcoming a new Scratcher, you give them the possibility to come to you with their problems and to find help in this at first confusing new world.

You can welcome Scratchers in different ways:

  • In the New Scratchers forum, welcome them in the forum topics or go directly on their profile page and comment there.
  • In the Welcoming Committee, reply to their comments there or go on their profile page and welcome them. If you yourself already have the Scratcher status, you can become a member of the Welcoming Committee and create a welcoming project. You can also help by giving feedback on other applicants welcoming projects. For more information, see the wiki article.

Extra tip: Make them feel at home! Show that you are happy that they have joined Scratch and encourage them to ask questions!

Helping New Scratchers with problems

When helping (new) Scratchers, keep these guidelines in mind they'll help you with helping!

  • In all of your interactions, remember to be patient, friendly, and use words that match their experience. Think about what it feels like to be in their shoes (e.g. being new to Scratch, not knowing how to do something, etc.). Please don’t be condescending, there’s no reason for that.
  • Sometimes the first step is to help someone ask for help. If it isn’t clear what the problem is ask them. It may take some back and forth before they can explain what’s wrong - be patient.
  • Some questions have already been answered elsewhere. If there is tutorial project or wiki article that would help the Scratcher with their problem point them to it. If their question isn’t really about help with Scripts try to direct them to a more appropriate place. For example if they need help with art point them to the Requests Forum.
  • You may not know how to help with their problem. That’s okay! If you don’t know, feel free to ask your fellow Scratchers to jump in.

Giving feedback to New Scratchers

Giving feedback to new Scratchers is especially important. It helps them become confident about their skills and aquire new knowledge. But of course, other Scratchers usually appreciate helpful feedback as well!

How to give thoughtful and useful feedback

Remembering these guidelines can help you when giving feedback to new Scratchers or others. With these tips, hopefully new Scratchers will accept your feedback and gain self-confidence to improve their project.

  • Highlight positive aspects and don't be shy with compliments. Keep in mind that some Scratchers are very young and just started to program or draw. It's normal that they don't have the most professional spelling and graphics. Accept that and value what they can do already!
  • Say what someone could improve and give tips on how to improve something (however, let the Scratcher decide how they want to do it and respect their wishes).
  • Give examples and links to resources. Figuring something out on their own can give someone a great boost in self-confidence.

Help Scratchers, who don't speak English

Help Scratchers, who don't speak English
There are many forums in different languages.
There are studios for multilingual projects.

It might not seem very evident, but in fact many Scratchers don't speak English or English isn't their first language. But people learn better and very often feel more at ease if they find information and projects in their own language. A community that speaks someone's native language can provide help and feedback.

You speak a foreign language?

To encourage these language communities it needs Scratchers who openly speak that language. Be one of them! That doesn't mean you need to abandon english!

You only speak English?

You can still help!

  • When publishing a project, encourage others to create translated remixes of your project. Give links to these translations in the project notes
  • Follow studios with multilingual or foreign language projects and don't be afraid of playing them - very often, you still get how a project works!


Everyone can do the following to help Scratchers who don't speak english:



Participate in a Wiki


You can participate in a Wiki of your language. All Wikis can be found at de:Scratch-Wiki:Alle Scratch Wikis. Wikis in the following languages exist:

  • Indonesian
  • German
  • French
  • Dutch
  • Hungarian
  • Russian
  • Japanese

Wikis which are in the progress of being built and are not self-caring yet can be found at https://test.scratch-wiki.info. Wikis of these languages are currently being constructed, but if you speak another language fluently, you can still register at the test-wiki and start a wiki in your own language!

  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Turkish
  • Hebrew
  • Korean
  • Chinese
  • Hindi

Wikis in Polish and Slovakian have found single authors, but they do not have articles yet.

Create tutorial projects

Example for a good tutorial.

Tutorial projects are great for all Scratchers to learn something new. I hope the following tipps help you to make a great tutorial:

  • start at the beginning - your audience might be new Scratchers! What is a stage, a sprite, where are the blocks, where can I find a certain button? All of this might be unclear, so make sure you give all necessary information or have some links in the description.
  • explain things step-by-step.
  • let the Scratcher decide when to proceed to the next step. You can do this for example by making slides advance when space is pressed.
  • add pictures, drawings, animations or demos! You can add pictures of your script by taking a screenshot and editing it with a software like GIMP. This way you can remove the background and only show the relevant blocks.
  • include examples. If you make a programming tutorial, have the code in the project, maybe even in a way that people can easily put it in their backpacks.
  • encourage Scratchers to ask you questions in case they didn't understand something in the tutorial.
  • definetely go through your tutorial several times to make sure everything is well understandable and well readable.
  • check your spelling and punctuation.
  • make the tutorial available in different languages or encourage translations.


If you see a violation of the Community Guidelines, report it. This way, the Scratch Team can have a look at it and take care of the problem. Read all about reporting at Report.

Help in the Scratch Design Studio

You can help in the Scratch Design Studio by doing the following things, and anything else you think is neccesary:

  • Looking at Scratchers' project requests and telling them if they need to change anything in their project for it to qualify for the SDS
  • Answering questions

Help in Featured Studios

This is a lot like helping in the SDS; answer questions on a featured studio and help out by looking at projects and giving feedback!

I'm a new Scratcher who wants to help others!

I'm a new Scratcher who wants to help others!

Great! You can participate in almost all the things on this page even while being a new Scratcher. Exceptions are:

  • The Welcoming Committee
  • The english-speaking Scratch Wiki (other Wikis have different standards - joining is worth a try!)