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Status: I got a new account! Here is the link. The account is called "Ori-Tak". (Past Statuses)

Hey Scratchers, this is Legobob23o's Scratch Wiki userpage. Here, you will find some things about my Scratch stuff.

About Me

I usually make animations and games in Scratch. I am interested in animations with good artwork and animating, and games with good physics and graphics and everything.


  • Scratch
  • Riding my bike
  • Playing around on the computer

Favorite Foods

  • Strawberries
  • Watermelon
  • Ice Cream

Wiki Activity

I used to not use the wiki very much but now I'm pretty active.

My Title

Unless it's already taken, I could be known as the King of Screenshots.

My Scratch Level

Here's what I calculated for my Scratch Level with this:

  • Score: 4425
  • Level: 148
  • Points needed to go to next level: 10
  • Year joined: 2012
  • Programming skill: 1800
  • Social Skill: 545.5
  • Moral: 1000
  • Activity: 1250
  • Fame: 455

Featured image!

An image I uploaded just got featured!


Please categorize files and articles you create.

– Mathfreak231, User talk:Legobob23o/Archive 1#Categorization

That quote above was just a reminder I put right on my userpage for me to remember to categorize files and articles I share.


Articles I've contributed to this wiki:

My Scratch Wiki Timeline

This timeline displays my major events and accomplishments on the Scratch Wiki.

Aug. 29 2012 — Made my first edit on How Do I Get My Projects to Become Popular?#Your Projects; Created my userpage

Feb. 8 2013 — Made my sandbox (First subpage of userpage); created user talk page

April 2 2013 — Helped Mathfreak231 bold text on some templates. I bolded text on {{How To}} and {{disambig}}.

April 6 2013 — Welcomed lots of new wiki users along with Mathfreak231.

April 13 2013 — Made my 500th edit! This was my 500th edit.

April 18 2013 — Fixed lots of Double redirects. A lot of them redirected to How Do I Get My Projects to Become Popular?, but the actual page is How do I get my projects to become popular?.

My Scratch Timeline

This timeline displays my major events and accomplishments on Scratch.

June 22 2012 — Joined Scratch and posted first project (Not first I ever MADE but first I posted), Yacht Survival

February 26 2013 — Got my project Underwater Expedition S1E1 A Crazy Start Part 1 curated by StarscreamClone!

May 10 2013 — Moved accounts to Ori-Tak


  • Once, I was going to make a redirect page (Contests) to Scratch Competitions, but in the summary, I accidentally said that it was a redirect to Coloring Contests.
  • I once made some changes to my userpage, saying I removed the "Links" section before I was even going to, but when I saved the page, I forgot to remove the Links section despite that it said I did in the summary. However, when this goof was added, the section was removed.


  • Thanks to my Mom for helping me create my account
  • Thanks to my family members for giving me ideas for funny projects