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Welcome to My User Page![1]

Who am i?

I'm LankyBox01, as you may know, a LankyBox Fan! I'm a 10-year-old coder who loves expermienting with blocks, codes, and other fun projects :P I also like avocado, if that helps you.[2]

What i do on scratch?

I really like creating "Complex" projects and learning more and more every day! If you would like to do a collaboration, feel free to ask me on My Profile Page

Fun Facts About Me

  • I currently have 257 Edits!
  • I can speak english, turkish, and romanian! NUMA NUMA
  • My favorite color is pink, surprisingly.
  • I also have an account made for my class, LankyBoxCODE[3]
  • I know the password to all my classmates' accounts! But they only know the password to ThEiR iNdIvIdUaL aCcOuNt!
  • I'm stupid


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