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I'm LS97, I joined the Wiki on 19 June 2010. I live in Belgium (GMT+1), but try to be online most of the time (except when i sleep, lol). I speak English, French and Italian. I know several programming languages such as Scratch, Squeak, C++, VisualBasic, and MS-DOS.

I enjoy playing aroud with the source code of Scratch and I am always finding out new features that can help me in programming.

I have attempted once at a real Linux OS, but got stuck at the bit where you had to handle low-level programming =D

I would love to learn more languages like C, Alice and HTML but really can't be bothered most of the time.

However, I know some of the basics of HTML. Check this out:

This is done with HTML

That's basically all I can attempt to. I am certainly better at BBcode and Wiki formatting! :p

My stuff

I have worked on many projects throughout my Scratch 'career'. Some of these include:

I'm always hoping to add more to it, and still haven't got bored of Scratch yet.