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Welcome to my Templates page! It contains all available templates, for if I or you ever need to find a template!

  • Curiouscrab
  • Ihaveamac
  • Joletole
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Thanks for your helpful edits!

This page is Yes Done, if it is not done, it means I am still (or am currently) working on this page.


The purpose of this page is to...

  • act as a reference guide for templates on the Scratch Wiki
  • list how to use specific templates and their parameters

A list of all templates can be found at Category:Templates.




| is written {{!}}.


☁ is written {{^}}.

This template creates a symbol of a cloud. It is usually used to represent cloud variables.


is written {{*}}.

This template creates a bullet point, used to create a bullet point list such as:


  • Imagine
  • Program
  • Share
</table></div> is written {{Collapse bottom}}.

Collapse top