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This page lists the users on the wiki and what topics they specialize in. Feel free to add what you specialize in! be specific — if you write pages about the paint editor, you specialize in -scratch paint editor-, ect. This page helps editors find other people that specializes in a topic to start a page for them, or ask specific users to help elaborate on a page!

Name User group(s) Specializes in... Short description
jvvg Administrators, Experienced_wikians, Autoconfirmed users, Users
  • Wiki-related topics
    • Bots
    • Wiki specification
    • Confirming user accounts

Specializes in Wiki administration. This includes fixing mistakes, resolving editing disputes, and deciding what action should be taken on various pages. Also just improves articles as necessary.

KrIsMa Experienced_wikians, Autoconfirmed users, Users Specializes in the Scratch Wiki and writes articles about the wiki itself.
Mathfreak231 Administrators, Autoconfirmed users, Users, Experienced_wikians
  • Wiki administration
    • Confirming user accounts
    • Protection
    • Guiding new users
    • Archiving the CP
  • Grammar and other minor edits
  • Programming tutorials
  • Getting information/expanding articles from a link provided in the article
  • Minor edits to old pages
  • Patrolling Recent Changes
  • Images (sometimes)

With more and more school work and wanting to do other things with his time, he is often inactive. However, he has some ideas to keep his editing habit.

Scimonster Administrators, Experienced_wikians, Autoconfirmed users, Users
  • Wiki administration
    • Updating news and featured content
    • Dealing with protection
    • Showing new users the right things to do
Mainly works from the sidelines now, instead of making large content edits
Turkey3 Experienced_wikians, Autocomfirmed users, Users

He works when he pleases. Very often his video gaming takes a few days off Wiki editing.

veggieman001 Administrators, Autoconfirmed users, Experienced_wikians, Users
  • Wiki administration
    • Deletion and protection
    • Organisation
    • I think I archived the Community Portal once
  • Images
  • History and versions of Scratch
  • Grammar
Mostly inactive right now, at least until the summer.
ErnieParke Administrators, Autoconfirmed users, Experienced_wikians, Users Would gladly answer any questions about the Wiki. Is also active and inactive in a continuous cycle.
JayceeMinecraft Autoconfirmed users, Users

  • Coding
He edits the wiki a lot and categorizes. He is on the wiki more than he is on the Scratch Website, but he makes new projects sometimes, would gladly help somebody.
SuperSmashScratch Autoconfirmed users, Users
  • Discussing
    • Topics
    • Edits
    • Pages
    • Questions
Takes necessary edits or creates necessary pages after discussing or before discussing about them. Helps users with their questions.
Kenny2scratch Autoconfirmed users, Users, Wikians, Experienced Wikians, Administrators, Bureaucrats
  • Template editing
  • De-second-personification of articles
  • Patrolling
  • Confirming account requests
Most active user.
TenType Autoconfirmed users, Wikians, Users
  • Editing too much
  • Fixing grammar mistakes
  • Welcoming users
  • Improving things
Basically, very active user who edits a lot.

Name User group(s) Specializes in... Short description
ThisIsAnAccount Autoconfirmed users, Users, Bots
VoxBot Autoconfirmed users, Users, Bots
  • Grammar
  • Spelling
  • Links to redirects
  • Link shortening
Wiki page editing and perfecting.
WikiMonitor Autoconfirmed users, Users, Bots
  • Fixes and notifies editors that make edits that are not consistent with Wiki
TemplatesFTW Autoconfirmed users, Users, Bots