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Hello! We are thrilled that you are interested in joining the Scratch Wiki. To create an account, please read the following article for guidelines on how to write your request. We look forward to seeing you around soon!

Just so you know, Wiki contributors help document Scratch by improving and creating the articles on the Wiki, being as clear and organized as possible by following the writing rules and guidelines. Contributors also work together by improving on each others' work and helping each other out. You can read more at the Wiki guidelines.


Before you begin

  • Make sure you have read the requirements listed to the right. Unfortunately, if you do not follow the requirements your account will not be accepted. Sorry!
  • Please note that the Scratch Wiki follows the same rules as the main website, vandalism or inappropriate actions are not allowed.
  • Creating an email is encouraged if you haven't already. You will need it if you forget your password.
  • Login to your Scratch account. You will need to confirm your identity by commenting on a project before submitting your request.

Scratch Wiki Account Requirements

In order to be a contributor, the following MUST be true:

You must have a Scratch account.
  • Your account must be older than two months.
  • You must have the 'Scratcher' status.
  • Please be active on the main site.
  • Please make sure that your profile comments are open.
You must not carry issues relating to you on Scratch into the Wiki.
  • Your request must not be an attempt to bypass a ban.
  • You must have no inappropriate content posted.

Guidelines for Requesting a Wiki Account

  • Do fill out all fields.
  • Do not say vague statements like "I want to update old pages";
    Do give specific examples and specific articles including how you will improve the wiki/pages.
  • Do not just say you want to translate pages;
    Do look at the Scratch wikis in other languages that you could help contribute to.
  • Do not quickly write your request notes;
    Do use correct spelling and grammar and give examples of your history and experience with wikis.
  • Do include the word 'party' in your request so we know you read this page.
  • Do not say that you will make articles on projects/users;
    Do understand that these pages are not allowed and instead think about pages on features or information about Scratch.
  • Do not only talk about yourself on the main website or forums;
    Do explain why you would be a helpful contributor to the wiki.
  • Do not intend to use this as a place to submit ideas;
    Do use it to have your own account to try them yourself.
  • Do not simply say you want to give back to the community, share knowledge, etc.;
    Do explain how you intend to help.

Tips to consider on your request notes

  • Don't be scared. Relax, we want to accept your request. The Wiki is supposed to be a fun place, so have fun!
  • Stay on topic. Please only talk about the wiki and how you intend to help. It's awesome how nice you are on the Scratch Website, but please keep your request notes about the wiki.
  • We will read your request carefully. Don't worry about repeating or emphasizing something so we see it.
  • You can look at the admin guide to see exactly how account requests are handled. This isn't mandatory, but may help with your acceptance.
  • You can also look at the extended S:CONTRIBs for more information.
  • A list of excellent and poor request notes can be read if you would like to increase your approval rate.
  • If you can't find any articles you would like to edit, look at our stubs or articles in need of expansion for ideas.

All ready to go?

Go ahead! Good luck!