About Me

Hello, I am Koalahey! I just love Scratch.

What I'm working on

On Scratch I try and make my projects so good that they can be featured. I haven't got any of my projects featured yet, but I hope I will soon!

Who I am following on Scratch

DJ-ANGEL-19, CherryTomato32, Alex4747, arthurd5g, Volllolll_HD, Unique_Kirbs, Mr_Gruntle, 041, scratchcatdude3789, bradybooboo, missingle, kevin_eleven, caitlinb19, Epic_Vortex and Dielek10.

Studios I Curate/manage

Funny Crocky, Bathtime, Clumsy Scratch Cat, All the animals I know part 1 and 2, best projects, Mr_Gruntle | complete works/fan club, The party studio, requests studio, Tommo shows, Project sounds, My life, Koalahey's vids, my favourite projects, Koalagoogle, Project competition studio, The movie studio, adventures with Koalapeck, adventures with peck, adventures with Koalhey and effects studio.

The best scratcher ever is:

Ceebee. Amazing. Awesome. You probably know him.

How good is scratch on a scale of 1 to 10?

1,000,000. So good.