About Me

Hello there!!

My name is kittenslikefood both on Scratch and on the Wiki. I am currently in 9th grade and am 14 years old. I am a boy (just saying that as it could get awkward if you didn't know). My favorite animal is a cat, but that's kinda obvious, so idk why I even put that here. :P

I live in Australia. If you don't know what Australia is, just search up 'Bad Australian Accents' onto YouTube: the big sitcom The Simpsons did a hilarious episode on Australia[1] My favorite food is frappucinos, which are basically frappes with coffee in them that they sell at Starbucks[2]

My favorite colour is the colour blue, but I am quite into gradients containing blue such as blue and light green, pink, red, black, orange, yellow or something. Wow, you probably think I am some sort of weirdo obsessed with gradients xD (No offense to anyone whose life completely revolves around blue gradients)

I always want to be outside with friends! Hanging out with friends after school is my favorite thing to do and having sleepovers with my friends. I say 'friend' and 'dude' not 'BFF' or 'bro'. Just thought I would let you guys know that! Please also check out my Scratch! It has the same name is this.

Me on Scratch

I joined the Scratch community in early June 2018 to be able to save my progress for a class project in Digital Technology and chose 'kittenslikefood' as it made me and my best friend in real life, who was sitting next to me while we had this class, laugh. Hey, I used to love writing my very own political satire news articles, I and my friends have a self-described odd sense of humor! Ever since my first popular project blew up at the end of August 2018, I have been quite successful. Here are my stats by the numbers:

♥ TOP LOVED -- 5

  • Is Dhilly Illuminati? (late August to early September 2018)
  • Remembering Buddy. My Cat. (late September 2018)
  • Scratch News Issue 2 (mid-October 2018)
  • Scratch News Issue 3 (mid/late-October 2018)
  • How To Make A Stop Button Detector (late-October 2018)


  • 400 CC (LATE SEPT 2018)

My Scratch Friends

I have made lots of amazing friends on Scratch throughout my time here :)


While a few of my irl friends have Scratch, most of them have not been on in months :/ Which is annoying. tiger2468101214tiger2468101214 Cool and funny 12 year old warrior cats lover and the firs senpai i ever had.[3] scratch.mit.edu/users/nilsthebest Awesome 13 y.o. 9th grader who loves to have some fun! French and male [4][5] meowcatdotcom catsrule457 liamthecoolguy


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