Hi! I am a ten-year-old who is (sort-of) new to the wiki! I am a synesthete and lover of fantasy/science fiction! I've uploaded a number of images, most of which are for anyone to use. Please do NOT edit my userpage. My Scratch profile: KathrynJaneway


These are some images I like using.

Seal baby.png

One of my commonly used thumbnails.


This is where I will be posting interesting news.

Gravitational Waves

Gravitational waves have been discovered! This is a big leap forward in astrophysics!

Wiki Challenge

Sign up quick! The challenge starts Feb. 21! The challenge.


Synesthesia is involuntary. It happens to me 24/7, even as I'm typing this.
Alternate spelling: synesthaesia


B is blue, 2 is yellow. My letters and numbers have colors. The colors are in my head , but they make spelling easy and dates easier. My words also have colors. My username is pink and blue. The word-colors are mostly impacted by the first letter, but can be modified by the other colors.

Weekday/Month Color

Wednesday is light orange. Monday is steel blue. January is dark blue. February is yellow. Weekdays and months have color for me. Every time I think of them or see them, they pop into my head as that color.

Chromesthesia (Colored Hearing)

Alternate spelling: Chromesthaesia
I hear in color. The sound of these keys clicking is orange. Sometimes I project, but most of the time I just associate. My fan's sound is light grey. I do not understand why white noise is called white, because it's actually light green, light grey, and light brown.



Catchphrases Some of my favorite phrases.
Favorites A few of my favorite things.
Cats My page about my cats.
Gifs A collection of gifs.
Sandbox My sandbox.
To Do Things I'm working on


Synesthesia Studio on Scratch The Scratch synesthesia community.
Codecademy A great place to learn text-based programming.
Duck Duck Go My favorite search engine.
Synesthesia on Wikipedia The Wikipedia article on synesthesia.
Scratch Profile My profile on Scratch.


This is my keyboard symbol: =^.^= (It's a keyboard cat).