About Me...

Hello! I am Jwosty, from scratch.mit.edu. I joined it around 2 years and am still making projects every now and then.

...On Scratch

My first project was The Nine Trick, but not the best. My projects started getting slightly better every time, and slightly more views. By my 29th project, I had a few friends and many more views.

Then it came. Paddle2See found an okay, but glitchey project called Sim Tunes. Paddle helped me with those bugs, and soon we had a working game! He liked it enough that he featured it, which became my first (and only) one!

After a while, I found the Text Based Games Forums Text Based Games Forums (Wiki page) (TBG Forums), and I positivley loved the idea! I made a few topics, like:

Nothing happened for a while. I made a few projects here and there, but nothing interesting. After a few weeks, I found out that you can get into the Scratch Source Code, and I added a few blocks. I have stared making a new Scratch Modification (Blocktalk) that is more like the launguage Smalltalk it was programed in.

...On the Wiki

I made a few topics and edited sometimes. Nothing important.

Later, I suggested that there should be a survey/poll for anyone who sees the Scratch Wiki to say if they found it useful, liked it, thought it could improve, etc on the Community Portal. Lucario621 replied saying that he could do this on surveymonkey.com. You can vote on it here.

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