I’m @JoyDJ! I’ve been on Scratch for, hmm... one year and five months! My dad introduced me to Scratch- thanks, dad! Hehe ^-^ Well, I’m a self-taught artist, which was hard to become! My half birthday is on October 23, and my real birthday is on April 23! I love animating, drawing cats, and sometimes people x3 I’m glad you stopped by! Feel free to ask questions on my profile!

Xx F.A.Q. xX

Q: How long have you been on Scratch? A: Almost two years, Wow!

Q: Will you follow me? A: Most likely, as long as you dont keep on asking :3 Ask on my profile, though!

Q: Who are your senpais/favorite Scratchers? A: @LEFTYtheBLUEPANDA, @Senpai-Love, @EllaPHNT, I could go on! So many talented people are on here!

Q: What fandoms are you in? A: I actively participate in the Harry Potter and Warrior Cats fandom. Minor fandoms include Wings of Fire. Ha I took that so seriously rip

Q: What house/clan are you in? A: I’m a loyal Slytherpuff, and also a RiverClan warrior!

Q: Are you a potao? A: I dont think I even need to answer this…

Q: Will you do an AT/DT with me? A: Check the featured project on my profile!

Q: Will you give me an AR/DR? A: It depends.

Q: Will you join my MAP? A: Currently, it’s unlikely. I’m always open to doing thumbnails though, so if you need a thumbnail, comment the link on my profile and I may join!