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<font="Calibri, Arial">593 edits and counting, that's the power, of Joletole engineering. (See what I did there! :))</font>

Scratch History

I joined scratch in 2008, then deleted my account because I wanted to focus more on my schoolwork. But then in 2011, I realized how much scratch has changed since I was on it. So I decided to join again, with this account name. I got hooked, but then, I wanted to focus more on my studies again. But this time, I didn't delete my account, I just went inactive for a while. I went active again on October 2011, and this time, never went inactive. I spend most of my time on the forums. To be more specific, the Questions about Scratch and suggestions forum. I loved to see different peoples suggestions on how to make the site better. I also love to see everyones questions, and see if I can help them. Oh, and also, this page is 5,199 k. Beat that!

On January 2012, I noticed what the TBG was. I created some games, but I lost intrest after a while. But, on February 2012, I decided to look back on the TBG. Instead of creating games, I participated in games. I thought that it would be too much work to have to manage my own TBG.

Scratch Wiki History

I joined the Scratch Wiki hoping to only fix one typo I found on a page. Well little did I know, but that one typo, quickly changed to be over 300 edits. The majority of my edits are making redirects. I like redirects because if someone completely new to the scratch wiki came and search the word Green Blocks, they would find there selves on Pen Blocks.

Also, another big thing I do on this wiki is talk to other users via there user page. I give suggestions, ideas, news, and forum stuff. I make sure that wherever I go, there is a discussion going on. I don't like to look at someones talk page and see a blank page, I want to welcome them to the scratch wiki.

So yeah....hoping to be an admin one day!

Oh yeah! The article I created, Backpack was featured! Awesome!! :)

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