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Hi there, I'm jettypumpkin07, but you can just call me Pumpkin for short.

I'm a pumpkin who loves Super Mario and somehow got an account on the Scratch Wiki...

You can find my Scratch account right here, and my Snap/BYOB account over here.

My sandbox is where I dig around in the sand like a 5-year-old and experiment with formatting.

Also check out the April Fools and /NoVowels versions of this page for some funny jokes and stuff.

I hope to help out a lot in the Scratch Wiki as I just got my account a few weeks ago. Bye for now!


Favourite Articles

Snap! (programming language)

The Help Page, always useful

The Story of Kaj

Development of Scratch_1.0

--> When Green Flag Clicked <--

Scratcher (April Fools)

All of the Scripting Tutorials!

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