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Voting is Over

The second Scratch Wiki election was held in October 2014. Two new Experienced Wikians (turkey3 and KrIsMa) were chosen, and one new sysop (ErnieParke) was appointed.

Candidates Experienced Wikians

Circle.png derpmeup (talk | contribs) — This Wiki is amazing, and I really mean that. It's so much fun to edit, is very enjoyable, has such a great community, and has practically everything you need to know about Scratch so far. I've been on this Wiki for about 5 months with 2000+ edits, but I'm also very experienced here despite my time being here not being as long as some others. I know tons of Wiki code, have been an active member here for so long, I've made some articles, and I make lots of constructive edits. I think I would be good at some of the repetitive tasks here, such as deleting unused files that haven't ever been used, patrolling some edits, and accepting account requests. Why would I be good at those? Because I've shown patience and being able to look through many things on this website before. I've had experience with that as an SDS curator, where you look through tons of submissions, and being a curator, where you look through tons of project submissions. So, I've shown good skills with things like that in the past. Thanks for reading, and good luck to everyone in this election! Circle.png KrIsMa (talk | contribs) — I love the wiki! I have 6000 edits, and have been on the wiki for 2 years and 1 month. I have lots of experience with the wiki, such as creating a bot (VoxBot) which cleans up spelling and other wiki mistakes, making conclusive articles (notably Scratch Wiki:Bots and S:EW), adding to existing pages (notably Scratch Wiki:Group Rights and template documentations), use wiki markup (Help:CSS and Scratch Wiki:Group Rights) and help new users with the wiki. I also have made some patience-requiring edits, such as a manual category moving of > 200 files and a linking of block to blocks (>50 pages). As an EW, I plan to accept accounts carefully and assist rejected accounts, patrol edits with the patrol tool to keep the wiki free of grammar mistakes, and fix pages without using my bot. I know I can be good at these simply tasks because I go on the wiki afterschool or 3-6 hours on the wiki, which makes me one of the top month editors. Also, my dedication to the wiki will help me be super active on the wiki and keep on top of requests! Thank you and good luck everyone! ;) Circle.png -PRO- (talk | contribs) — I have been of Scratch for a little over a year now. I have been on the wiki for almost 4 months. I have made almost 1,000 edits. I love making pages better. I love scratch. I want everyone to be able to program their own little game or animation. I want this wiki to have more attention so that we are helping. I would approve account requests quickly so that we can get more editors. I would stick to the rules however. I would do everything I can to keep this wiki a happy, friendly place. Thanks for your time and consideration. Circle.png SuperSmashScratch (talk | contribs) — I have been on the wiki and am active for a lot of time. I helped improve lots of pages. I would, if I am Experienced Wikian, accept account requests quicker than usual, patrol quickly, and delete pages and revert edits that need to be deleted or reverted quicker than ever. Not saying that the current ones who do that aren't very good, just stating I can do it quickly. I would also help those in need quickly. Why I would do it good is I have good judgement skills (I have a good sense of right and wrong) and I am on for a long, long time every day. I would also not break any rules. So, please vote for me as Experienced Wikian. Thanks, and good luck to everyone else! I hope you make it too! :D Circle.png Swampert11 (talk | contribs) — Hello, I am Swampert11. I have been editing the Scratch Wiki since March 5, 2014 and I have made about 930 edits at the time I am writing this. I have helped create the new welcome message, which is the one before the current welcome message. On the wiki, I mostly edit articles and try to improve them, welcome new Scratch Wiki users, and create redirects. I also sometimes upload images onto the wiki to improve articles. If I become elected as an Experienced Wikian, I would help process accounts and delete unnecessary pages which will help improve this wiki. I will also help patrol edits on the wiki. Anyway, thank you for reading this! Circle.png Turkey3 (talk | contribs) — Hey! It's turkey3 here. Not quite sure where to start. I have a pretty good idea on why I should be elected for EW. For one thing, I have been on this Wiki actively about a year and a half (though my account is older) so I understand very well the works and such. Last year when I ran I definitely did not have a good understanding of programming outside of Scratch, but now after one year I am fluent in HTML, CSS, and JS and run a web hosting business. I think I write very professional articles. Being an EW would mean a lot as I get to help jvvg and others with account requests and get off the couch (and to a chair). Other than that I don't know what to say, other than good luck to everybody else! I think you all know me well enough, as my duties here cannot be summed up in one paragraph.

  • All candidates must nominate themselves on the Community Portal thread linked above. Nomination closes September 30th.
  • The existing Administrators and Experienced Wikians will choose the list of candidates that will run in the election (probably 5 or 6 people).
  • The chosen candidates have a period of time to write speeches. See below for rules on speeches.
  • There will be a short break of a few days for people to read the speeches.
  • Voting will begin. The voting period will last 5-7 days.
  • The results will be announced and the winners will have their ranks changed accordingly.

Please observe the following rules on speeches:

  • Must be one paragraph (no longer than 8 lines, please)
  • Must not have any links or special formatting (i.e. only text)
  • Must not compare users (highlight your own strengths/accomplishments, don't say why you are better than others)
  • Existing admins running for bureaucrat do not need to write speeches.

Voting has ended. It was the identical format to the previous election. Voters ranked the candidates from 1 (most preferred) to 6 (least preferred). The Borda count system was used.

Please observe the following rules when voting:

  • Only vote once (if you have two accounts, only vote with one)
  • Include all candidates in your voting
  • Do not vote for yourself (if you are running, only enter 5 choices)
  • Only vote for the candidates on the list
  • Vote with the account you are logged in as, do not add lines for other people, as there is no way to verify the integrity
  • Do not modify others' votes

In the event of a tie, the candidate with the most #1 votes will be chosen. If there is still a tie, it will go to #2 and so on until the tie is broken.

The votes are below, results are available here.

I voted!

Voter #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6
Krett12 KrIsMa Turkey3 Swampert11 -PRO- derpmeup SuperSmashScratch
SuperSmashScratch KrIsMa Turkey3 derpmeup -PRO- Swampert11 N/A
Swampert11 Turkey3 KrIsMa derpmeup -PRO- SuperSmashScratch N/A
derpmeup -PRO- KrIsMa Turkey3 SuperSmashScratch Swampert11 N/A
Rumanti Turkey3 KrIsMa derpmeup -PRO- SuperSmashScratch Swampert11
-PRO- KrIsMa derpmeup SuperSmashScratch Swampert11 turkey3 N/A
ErnieParke KrIsMa derpmeup Turkey3 Swampert11 -PRO- SuperSmashScratch
Mathfreak231 Turkey3 KrIsMa derpmeup -PRO- SuperSmashScratch Swampert11
Turkey3 KrIsMa derpmeup Swampert11 -PRO- SuperSmashScratch N/A
Jandrewg derpmeup KrIsMa Turkey3 -PRO- SuperSmashScratch Swampert11
Ceggps derpmeup KrIsMa Turkey3 -PRO- SuperSmashScratch Swampert11
jvvg KrIsMa Turkey3 derpmeup -PRO- SuperSmashScratch Swampert11
JayceeMinecraft KrIsMa -PRO- derpmeup Turkey3 SuperSmashScratch Swampert11
djdolphin KrIsMa derpmeup Turkey3 -PRO- SuperSmashScratch Swampert11
KrIsMa derpmeup Turkey3 Swampert11 -PRO- SuperSmashScratch n/a
LegendaryCowMaster KrIsMa derpmeup Turkey3 SuperSmashScratch Swampert11 -PRO-
TheHockeyist -PRO- Turkey3 derpmeup SuperSmashScratch Swampert11 KrIsMa
GRA0007 KrIsMa Turkey3 SuperSmashScratch -PRO- derpmeup Swampert11
Fmtfmtfmt2 Turkey3 derpmeup -PRO- KrIsMa SuperSmashScratch Swampert11
Scimonster Turkey3 KrIsMa derpmeup -PRO- SuperSmashScratch Swampert11
PrincessPandaLover Turkey3 -PRO- SuperSmashScratch derpmeup Swampert11 KrIsMa
Thepuzzlegame KrIsMa -PRO- Turkey3 derpmeup Swampert11 SuperSmashScratch
AonymousGuy KrIsMa Turkey3 derpmeup Swampert11 -PRO- SuperSmashScratch
Bsteward KrIsMa Turkey3 derpmeup -PRO- Swampert11 SuperSmashScratch
Gcenac Swampert11 -PRO- SuperSmashScratch derpmeup Turkey3 KrIsMa
rtftts SuperSmashScratch Turkey3 KrIsMa -PRO- derpmeup Swampert11
wolfpup500 derpmeup -PRO- SuperSmashScratch KrIsMa Turkey3 Swampert11