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A list of deleted pages on the Scratch Wiki (mainly ones deleted since this page was created). This was based of this.

Any page whose name shows up in the link colour on this page have not been deleted, but moved to the creator's userpace.


  • 3-Dimensional Sound! was a duplicate of 3-Dimensional Sound. That page was moved to the page it duplicated, but the creator of the page added content to the duplicate, instead of the page with the new page title. That content was later added to the other article..


  • April Fools/Bloop was in the wrong namespace and had no corresponding article.


  • Ban list was not useful.


  • Double Jumping was requested to be deleted by the creator of the page.



  • File:Banlistx.png was for a now deleted page.
  • File:Large secretbullet.png was not used.
  • File:New Sprites Buttons 3.png duplicated File:3.0 New Sprite Button.PNG.
  • File:Medieval.png was not used.
  • File:PictureForSweetLemonade.png was only used outside the wiki.
  • File:Scratchblocks.png was unused.
  • File:Testy test.svg was a random image I was going to put in my Sandbox but I later wanted it to be deleted.
  • File:Wafflestores.png was deleted for the same reason as File:PictureForSweetLemonade.




  • Limits was documented by other wiki pages.


  • Mathematics was a bit unrelated to Scratch.


  • Scratch Terms (disambiguation) was a duplicate of Terms (disambiguation).
  • Scratch Terms of Use was an un-needed redirect probably to Terms of Use.
  • Scratch User Interface (3.0) was a work-in-progress which was "moved" someone's userspace.

Scratch Wiki pages

  • Scratch Wiki:3.0 Articles were used to store updated versions of pages for 3.0. That page and all pages 3.0 pages under that 'prefix' were deleted after all of the pages were updated.


  • Talking with Blocks (forums) encouraged blockspamming, was not notable enough and documented possible user-generated content {{{2}}}.
  • Trolling was not notable enough.


  • Template:Followers could have been something for userspace.
  • Template:Yt was replaced by an Interwiki code.


User pages

  • User:Dominic305/archive was requested to be deleted by the page's owner.
  • User talk:Drunken Sailor/Bot Archive was requested to be deleted by the page's owner.
  • User:Jammum/Everyone's Welcome Template(s) was requested to be deleted by me.
  • User:JJBullet/Content was requested to be deleted by the page's owner.
  • User:JJBullet/dont need this was requested to be deleted by the page's owner.
  • User:Kenny2scratch/Meow Wiki was no longer wanted.
  • User:Kenny2scratch/Project Guides/Bot Archiver was deleted because the thing the page discussed was broken.
  • User:Supermonkeycat157/Colored Plain Link was requested to be deleted by the page's owner.
  • User:Supermonkeycat157/Conscious was requested to be deleted by the page's owner.
  • User:Supermonkeycat157/Templates/USERNAME did not work.
  • User:Supermonkeycat157/Welcome was requested to be deleted by the page's owner.


  • When () (micro:bit block) was a duplicate of When ().