Note Note: My icon will not be updated to temporary profile pictures on any accounts I use.


I am a Scratch Wiki user that does stuff.

On Scratch, I use the account SausageMcSauce. The Jammum account is roughly abandoned - I only logged into it once recently to unshare all projects on it.

Some random stuff about me

  • I love computers and emojis[1]
  • I've had a comment replied to by griffpatch on Scratch and by Za-Chary[2] on the forums and multiple comments, mainly in 'The Suggestions Forum[3]' and the forums, and a Scratch Team member commented and loved one of my projects(all true)
A reply to a comment I posted on griffpatch's profile (image is legit)
  • My favourite colour is red[4]
    • Specifically, my favourite shade of red is crimson.
  • I am from England[5]
  • I sometimes use an iPad to edit this wiki
  • Every time I have been ninja'd on the forums is documented here.
  • I go on the forums frequently
  • I once got the last comment on Scratch Team member Za-Chary's profile before he closed it

On the Wiki

What I mainly do

  • Edit the AF pages
  • Put random stuff in my userspace or something
  • Fix new users' edits and pages (I put the Wiki Standards template on some of them)
  • Revert vandalism (if someone else has not already reverted it)
    What I (try to) do.

My Wiki Stats

  • Joined the wiki: 22nd October 2018 (that's also when I made my first wiki edit)
  • Edits: (in my header)

Favourite Quotes

From Scratch

β€œ Hey, @-Rocket-. Something tells me you're going to sell and copyright everyone's logo. ”

– Za-Chary, on their comments when I once had -Rocket-'s profile picture

β€œ coUld a tyRAnNoSauruS bEcoMe An sT MeMbeR? ”

– Accio, the Forum Helpers studio

β€œ The magical world of copy-and-paste ”

– Za-Chary, forum helpers studio

β€œ A random page no one visits would be as helpful as a billboard in the ocean. ”

– fdreerf, post:4191498

β€œ but this aged like that open carton of cafeteria chocolate milk I left in an empty locker from winter break to the end of summer two years ago ”

– fdreerf, post:4204982

β€œ As well as FBI surveillance van IDs, chainsaw serial numbers, live-streamed air conditioner temperatures, Bitcoin account balances, record number of pencils broken, guitar string indexes, world record number of phone numbers exposed on Scratch, etc. ”

– LandonHarter, post:4231867


– lhatr, forum helpers studios

Elsewhere on the Internet

β€œ A miniature of Buckingham Palace made out of plutonium, uranium and deuterium oxide ”

– Somewhere on the TBGs, written in January 2017

References and Notes

  1. ↑ I prefer Unicode Emojis over Scratch Emojis, as Unicode emojis have more selection (even though they cannot be used in Scratch comments
  2. ↑ post:3898874
  3. ↑ Not the real Suggestions forum, but a joke studio created by CatsUnited
  4. ↑ That's why my sig and my header are red
  5. ↑ Says it on my profile, as United Kingdom.