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Status: I'm a candidate for the current EW Election!


I am a Scratch Wiki user that does stuff.

I'm starting to be less active here, somehow.

On Scratch, I have one alt (SausageMcSauce).

Some random stuff about me

  • I love computers and emojis
  • I've had a comment replied to by griffpatch on Scratch (true)
A reply to a comment I posted on griffpatch's profile (image is legit)
  • My favourite colour is red
  • I am from England
  • I sometimes use an iPad to edit this wiki
  • For WikiFauna, I consider myself part WikiEagle, a WikiPolice constable and part WikiGnome.

On the Wiki

What I mainly do

  • Edit the AF pages
  • Put random stuff in my userspace
  • Fix new users' edits and pages (I put the Wiki Standards template on some of them)
  • Revert vandalism (if an admin has not already reverted it)
    What I (try to) do.

My Wiki Stats

  • Joined the wiki: 22nd October 2018 (that's also when I made my first wiki edit)
  • Edits: (in my header)


  • 21st October 2018?: Requested account
  • 22nd October 2018: First edit (an edit to this page), first mainspace edit and first AF edit
  • 5th May 2019: First talk page archive
  • 12th May 2019: My 1,000th edit (the edit was done to my header)

Random Images

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