Welcome to my userpage!

Hello! My name is Jakel181!

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About Me

Me on the Wikis

I joined the English Scratch Wiki on the 27th of April 2017.
I joined the German Scratch Wiki on the 11th July 2018.
I joined the International Test Scratch Wiki on the 14th April 2019.[1]
I became an EW on the English wiki during the June 2019 Elections

  • I have made 3,175 edits
  • I enjoy helping others and will help you if you need help! ;) (Click here if you need help).
  • I manage Thankful Thursday!
  • I enjoy playing with the wiki markup!
  • I enjoy creating templates.[2]
  • I edit pages on the wiki. :P
  • I am currently the second[3] most active user on the Wiki.[4]
  • I stalk the recent changes.
  • Made Ken's rather complicated template (Template:Link style) even more complicated by making it accept external links.
  • Made this handy js file that lets you easily let someone if you replied to them.

Me on Scratch

I joined scratch on the 15th of Novemeber 2015. You can find me here.

  • I curate the SDS
  • I curate the SWC
  • I curate the SDST
  • I started-up the SDST when the old Translation program went inactive.
  • I enjoy making Math related projects
  • I enjoy debugging[5]
  • I enjoy challenging myself.

Me outside of scratch and the wiki

  • I enjoy running.
  • I enjoy swimming.
  • I enjoy coding!
  • I volunteer at a science museum.
  • I want to become an astronaut for NASA.[6]
  • I have two dogs, and a few fish.
  • I play with my raspberry pi often.
  • I like to look at the stars with my telescope!
  • I am a proud owner of slide rule. :D [7]
  • White hat hacking.[8][9]
  • Have my SSI Open Water Scuba License.

Contact Me

You can contact me on my talk page: Here

Or by using my common messages page: Common Messages

Helpful Links


I know how to read binary and write it! (If you have a weekend alone then try to learn it. It's fun!) Click Here to see an example of my work

Cool Quotes

I admire it (math) like I admire art in a museum: I think it's beautiful from a distance and would rather not be tested on my knowledge of it for class credit. :P

– technoboy10

I admire it (Java script) like I admire art in a museum: I think it's beautiful from a distance and would rather not be tested on my knowledge of it for class credit. :P

– jakel181

Scratch went down for 5 minutes, so I had to talk to my family. They seem like nice people!

– Scratch-Minion

I love scratch wiki! It's like, yesterday I didn't know anything, and today, I'm rollin'!

– HailsMine9



  1. What wiki should I join in 2020 to continue the pattern? :P
  2. On a bit a template marathon right now (11-4-18 mm/dd/yy)
  3. Ken took back his throne. :P
  4. As of February 13, 2019
  5. We all have to sometimes. :P
  6. Really
  7. With-out looking up what a slide rule is, tell me what you think it is on my talk. ;)
  8. Watch out
  9. Don't worry I won't hack you. :P

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