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About me

Hi! I'm J_Coder26. I love to read, bike, play table tennis/tennis, create platformers, animations and avoidance/chase games! I also do Science Olympiad!

My Accounts on Scratch

My (main) account: J_Coder26

Test account: J_Coder26---Test

Science Olympiad account (mainly inactive now): Science_Olympiad26

On my Scratch Account

- No F4F or follow on request

- Friendly/constructive feedback is allowed :)

- No advertising

- I like random comments too :)


Color: Orange

Season: Summer

Fruit: Kiwi

Vegetable: Cucumber

Studios on Scratch: Scratcher of the Week (I'm a manager of it), 2020 Positivity (I'm a curator of it), and Chat!!! (I'm a manager of it)


Other Coding Languages:

- I'm learning Python

- I also use Snap! sometimes

- Back in around 2016 I used Tynker (it was much better than it is now to be honest. Now, most of the coding resources cost money).

Random facts about me:

- I'm left-handed

- I'm a human (I love saying that randomly)

- If you message on my profile, "Can I please have a waffle?" I will give you a virtual waffle using the "_waffle_" emoji command

Link to my Sandbox:

J_Coder26's Sandbox

Link to my my talk page:

J_Coder26's Talk Page