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Me In Wiki

Joined on 05/16/2018 (mm/dd/yyyy)

  • I have made 918 edits
    • The namespace with most edits is User talks...
  • Look at my Contributions

Me in Scratch

Joined around May 16, 2018. If my stats do change, feel free to update it! :)

Some Facts about me

  • Right-Handed
British (aka others) Spanish
70% 30%
  • I speak English.
  • I read English
  • I am a hufflepuff
  • Favorites:
    • Color: Sky Blue
    • Sport: Football [2]
  • 18 yrs
  • Time Zone: GMT

Thank You

  1. Kenny2scratch for accepting me into Wiki!
  2. 12944qwerty for helping me out!


  1. Darn
  2. not soccer you americans

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